Underground river

Discover the exciting world of Aktun Chen underwater caves in the heart of Mexico’s Caribbean Coast! Snorkeling in one of the most picturesque places on earth will turn your trip into a truly unforgettable adventure!

Underground river

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More than the eye can see

We think we know everything about the surrounding world. Every day, on the way to our jobs and back home, we follow the same path, see the same buildings
and trees, and hear the same sounds. Our life is governed by the wheel of seasons and sways of weather that repeat an age-old pattern year after year. We live in
a perfectly familiar environment where nothing can surprise us. But earth is just one of the many habitats existing on our planet. Beyond the reach of our senses,
it’s all so different and fascinating! If you want to see the hidden side of our world and get a one-of-a-kind experience that is impossible to forget, welcome
to the Aktun-Chen park! In this tropical paradise, not only you can catch a glimpse of exotic flora and fauna but also set out on a unique snorkeling
adventure underground

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A cave with a history

With a total length of 700 yards, the Aktun-Chen cave is one of the largest and oldest in Mexico. According to geological estimates, its formation
started over 5 million years ago. However, the cenote itself is thought to be much younger, around 30 thousand years old. It all started during the last ice age when
the ocean level dropped drastically laying bare a giant coral reef with its vast underwater caves that subsequently became a platform for most of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Seeping through its porous surface, heavy tropical rains created numerous underground rivers filled partly with fresh rainwater and partly with salty groundwater.
In some places, the soil was corroded by acidic rainfalls and collapsed revealing the water bodies running below. This is how the legendary cenotes of Yucatan
appeared – including the one located in Aktun-Chen!

underwater caves, underwater photography basics, underwater caves diving

Spectacular, mysterious and solemn, the Aktun-Chen grotto strikes the eye with exquisite limestone formations some of which are older than our entire civilization.
Massive stalactites and stalagmites edging the passageway form a beautiful underground landscape that ends with a marvelous cenote opening right into the jungle.
With scattered sunlight playing on the transparent water surface and lush tropical vegetation draping the grotto walls, the lake seems to have emerged from one of your dreams. 

Long ago, this cave was a sacred spot for the local Maya tribes who believed cenotes to be gates to the underworld where the gods reside. They used to descend here in
search of divine guidance and shelter. Mayan shamans would invoke the spirits allegedly inhabiting the bottom of the cenote and pray for the wellbeing of their village.
Holly gifts were laid onto a stone altar or thrown into the water to appease Chaac, a deity responsible for rainy weather and fertile crops. The importance of cenotes
for the Maya is also explained by the fact that they often were the only source of fresh water to be found in the neighborhood. Today the grotto is open for swimming
and snorkeling
being one of the main attractions of our park.

underwater caves, underwater photography basics, underwater caves diving

Things to do in the Aktun-Chen grotto

  • Our cave is a perfect spot for snorkeling. Its maximum depth reaches 10 feet, although most areas are rather shallow offering enough space both
    for novices and experienced divers. Splendid rock cascades, enigmatic underwater tunnels and magnificent arches rising from the dark are all yours to explore!
    We provide our visitors with all necessary swimming equipment including snorkels, goggles, flippers, and safety belts.
  • Even if you don’t like snorkeling, plunging into the chilly water of the cenote after a tiring walk through the heated jungle will be rather refreshing!
    Swim around the grotto or have fun diving from the rocks. The lake isn’t very deep; you can always grab onto the porous surface of the protruding stones and
    find support for your feet to rest up. That makes the Aktun-Chen cenote perfectly safe even for those who don’t swim well.
  • The underground realm might seem gloomy and unfriendly to you, but it is crawling with life! Our cave is full of tropical fauna, from regular
    bats to bizarre fishes that have never seen the light of the sun. You can observe them swarming in the transparent depth of the cenote and even capture amazing
    scenes of cave life on camera. If you plan to shoot underwater, note that we neither rent photography gear, nor teach our guests the basics of using it. That’s up to you.
  • The dry area of the Aktun-Chen cave is just as incredible as its underwater scenery. Take a break between the baths to walk around the grotto and
    gaze at the fabulous shapes of limestone cut by the nimble hand of time. Our guide will take you on a grand tour of the cave covering its key spots. You will learn
    about the formation of the grotto, the species living here and of course its captivating history. Take it as a pleasant bonus of visiting our underwater caves!
  • Diving is prohibited in the Aktun-Chen cenote since it isn’t deep enough for submersion with a scuba. But you will hardly miss it! With all the walking, listening
    and swimming to do, you’ll just have no time to think of any other entertainments! Our fantastic cave tour is full of discoveries and adventures! 

underwater caves, underwater photography basics, underwater caves diving

What else can we say? See the wonders of the Aktun-Chen cave with your own eyes and take a unique snorkeling trip meters underground in a pristine
tropical forest! Our park also features many other attractions, including bicycle tours in the jungle, seeing wild animals at arm’s length, zip lining 25 feet in the
air and savoring traditional Mexican food in a lovely ethnic-style restaurant. If you are tired, you can take a nap in a cozy hammock, lulled by the rustle of palm
leaves and merry chirping of exotic birds. We are always happy to greet new guests and show you the beauty of virgin nature that we so often disregard. So what are
you waiting for? Pack your stuff and catch the nearest plane that will carry you right to our amazing park!

underwater caves, underwater photography basics, underwater caves diving

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