Have you ever tried zip lining? It’s time to visit Aktun-Chen! Take a fantastic ride 25 feet above the ground with the entire jungle spread out below! Zip lining in our park is safe and easy – we use the latest equipment and run training sessions for novi


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We fly children from 4 years. Minimum height 90 cm (3 feet), minimum weight 15 kilos (33 pounds).

Feel the emotion of fly through the trees. 

Lockers and equipment included.

Reservations cancelled 15 days or more prior to the scheduled day 100 % reimburse, from 14 to 4 prior to the scheduled day of visit are subject to an additional
20% fee. All reservations cancelled 3 to 0 days before date of visit, or in case of no-show will not be reimbursed.


Amazing Zip Lining Adventure in Aktun-Chen

Total freedom

As kids, we all imagined ourselves flying. You can make this dream come true in the Aktun-Chen park! Our natural reserve features a premium 25 feet high zipline that
will take you all the way over the jungle spreading out before you like a beautiful laced veil. You will remember such a flight for a long time! Especially since it
takes place in a scenic area like our nature reserve! Aktun-Chen is a fabulous 400-acre tropical forest containing
many exotic species of flora and fauna that you will be able to observe from the height of our zipline. Since it runs through the canopy, you will see
bright tropical birds, noisy monkeys and other jungle dwellers at arm’s length. In a few minutes, you will catch a glimpse of the entire Aktun-Chen park unfolded beneath
in full splendor! This ancient land used to be inhabited by the Mayan civilization and you can still feel the spirit of these old times floating in the air.
Don’t waste your chance to explore these historical territories flying high as a bird on our zip line!

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Who invented a zip line?

Riding down a zip line is a fascinating activity that gives you a chance to experience a thrilling cocktail of height, adrenaline and beautiful view visible below.
But if you think zip lines were invented just for fun, you are wrong. A couple of decades ago, it was the only means of transportation available in certain areas. 

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Here is a short history of this amazing invention that has eventually turned into an exciting activity:

  • As you can guess, people started using zip lines in mountainous areas (the Himalayas and the Alps) where it was impossible to get across precipices and
    rivers without this kind of support. Since building bridges was too time-consuming and expensive, they would simply stretch a rope or cable from one side to
    another, hook on a primitive harness and transport passengers, cattle and supplies to the destination point. Quite often, it was the only way for local dwellers to
    get to work, school or a marketplace where they were selling their goods.
  • This means of transportation was soon borrowed by mountaineers to shorten the way between two steep points. The gravity of the slope would pull the carabiner
    down and in a few minutes the climber was on the other side with minimum effort. At that stage, zip lines were still very simple, without any safety mechanisms.
    Most of the times, mountaineers didn’t even take basic measures of precaution while using zip lines in their practice.
  • This may surprise you, but zip lines were also actively used by scientists. Those of them investigating the ecology of upper forest levels needed an easy
    and convenient way to access the height of 25 and more feet. Sliding through the canopy down a zip line (often made out of first available materials) allowed
    them to catch a glimpse of the hidden part of jungle flora and fauna. That’s how zip lines traveled from mountains to tropics. Over the decades, zip lines turned
    into a popular entertainment. Although they have remained and extreme kind of sport, they have become much safer and more technically complex. To reduce the
    risk and attract more clients, many zip lines were moved to less dangerous and at the same time prettier areas where visitors could enjoy the panorama. Today,
    there are hundreds of zip lines all over the world, including such exotic regions as Mexico, China, Africa and Australia.

zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

How are ziplines constructed?

Although it might seem to you that ziplines are tricky constructions, their mechanism is pretty simple. Basically, it is a system of suspensions
that allows you to slide down the cable controlling your speed with the help of your own momentum. A person attached to the cable pushes off the platform and gains
speed as their weight pulls the harness along its length. The whole ride consists of four elements:

  • The first and most essential thing a ziplining can’t exist without is a cable. It should be thick and sturdy enough to provide the needed degree of gliding
    and sustain an adult person. Our cables are made of top-quality steel that ensures perfect support and safety. Make sure your weight corresponds with the maximum
    requirements before taking off.
  • Naturally, there has to be some element to sustain a person and keep them sliding down the cable. That would be a harness. Made of dense leather straps, it will
    keep you comfortable and safe during the trip. Harnesses can be adjusted to any body size, but there are weight limits that should be considered before you proceed to the trip.
  • The harness is connected to the cable with a carabiner and pulley. There is also a brake to slow down or stop the movement if you move too fast. It is easy to
    reach and can be used at any moment. While you are in the air, you can freely change your position, move your hands and legs, turn around and even hang upside down!


zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

Now let’s see how all this works. Once your feet leave the platform, the momentum of your body begins to pull you along the cable and the next moment you are
already flying over the forest as if you had a pair of wings! Depending on the length of the cable and the length at which it is stretch, you can slide slower or faster.
But don’t worry, the route is calculated with great precision, so you won’t rush off too fast or collapse into anything. If it seems to you that you gained too
much speed, just pull the brake.

In Aktun-Chen park, safety standards of zip lining are taken very seriously and we use the most secure equipment to keep you out of harm’s way.
We choose only certified brands to provide the highest level of safety and comfort for our guests. If you are new to this kind of activity, you will receive a short
training course that will teach you the basics of zip line behavior to avoid any potential risks. Our qualified instructors will tell and show you everything you
need to know about this amusement ride. We also provide our visitors with additional sportswear, including a helmet and a pair of protective gloves.

zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

Safety rules on a zipline


Just like any other extreme kind of sports, taking a ride on a zip line is linked to a certain degree of danger. However, you can reduce the risk by taking simple
precautions that will keep you safe during the ride.

1.   If you plan to zip line, put on comfortable sports clothing and shoes with closed toes. An outfit like that won’t limit your moves. Avoid wearing tight shirts,
jeans and high-heeled shoes that don’t go very well with physical exercise.

2.   Make sure to wear a pair of protective gloves to protect your hands from friction. Another obligatory part of your outfit is a helmet that will cover your ears
from the rushing wind and absorb the impact of a blow should you hit a tree. However, the possibility of it is very low, so you don’t really have to worry. Put on a helmet just in case.

3.   If there is a strong wind, it’s also advisable to wear special goggles that will cover your eyes and protect them from dust and air. Note, though, that goggles are
not included in the set we provide for our visitors.

4.   To be able to zip line, you should fit the limits of minimum/maximum weight. It’s not safe to zip line if you are too heavy since the cable may not be hefty enough to
support you. This requirement should be taken especially seriously – disregard can cost you your health and even your life.

5.   The most dangerous part of a zip line adventure is landing at the finish platform. Don’t end your ride at full speed otherwise it’ll be hard for you to land
properly. Use the brake on your harness to slow down before a full stop. Pay attention to the position of your feet to avoid bumping them onto the platform.

6.   Even when just standing on the platform, keep away from the edge and hold onto the guard rails. Your feet and hands should always have some sort of support in case you
stumble or lose balance. Don’t underestimate the consequences of falling from such a height.

7.   And the last recommendation: carefully listen to every word of your instructor. Although riding on a zipline doesn’t require any special skills, the short coaching offered
to all of our guests before taking off
,especially if this is their first time, is highly important for you to get a safe and comfortable experience. Don’t
ignore that part of your air trip! 

zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

That’s all you need to know about taking a zipline ride in our park! You will be amazed by wonderful views of the tropical forest, dizzy speed and unforgettable
emotions! Aktun-Chen ranks among the most spectacular locations of Mexico and you can see it for yourself by visiting our amazing nature reserve. Set
off for a flight through a pristine tropical forest and get a shot of adrenaline on our head-spinning zip line running 25 feet over the ground! These impressions will
stay with you long after you leave our park. We offer you a unique adventure you just can’t miss! Take a break from urban routine and relax in the lap of nature in a wonderful
place called Aktun-Chen!

zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

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