Aktun-chen safety and hygiene protocol COVID 19
Aktun-chen safety and hygiene protocol At the aktunchen park we have reinforced all the Hygiene and safety protocols recommended by international, national, state and municipal organizations. 
07 December 2020 14:40:04
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5 best places for honeymoon in Mexico
Mexico is a perfect country for spending your honeymoon. Gentle sea waves and spectacular coastal landscapes, lush palms and sunny weather, plenty of attractions and magical exotic aura draw newlyweds from all over the world like a magnet. If you want your honeymoon in Mexico to be truly memorable, spend the first weeks of your married life at one of these five resorts. 
10 April 2017 11:09:22
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Isla Mujeres
Attracting thousands of tourists with its splendid nature and cultural treasures, Mexico offers an immense space for exploration and entertainment. Whether you choose to enjoy pure air and solitude in the Chiapas mountains or get a blast on the crowded beaches of Playa del Carmen, there are hundreds of places to visit and plenty of activities to indulge in. If you still haven’t decided where to go, start by discovering the wonders of Isla Mujeres. This heavenly tropical island in the Caribbean Sea is a perfect place for swimming, sun bathing and snorkeling! 
07 April 2017 09:37:00
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4 places in Mexico to spend Semana Santa
If you are planning a trip to a country like Mexico, you should do it in the right time. While Mexico is beautiful in any season, timing your vacation to one of traditional local holidays will give you an even wider palette of impressions. Especially if this holiday is Semana Santa. Held the week immediately before Easter, it’s a South American analogue of Spanish Holy Week that is marked by spectacular penance processions and performances running all over the country. If you don’t know where to spend Semana Santa in Mexico, here are a few ideas for cultural trips. 
03 April 2017 06:39:32
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Travelling to a country like Mexico is always a fascinating experience. Even if you have been here several times, there are still plenty of places worth your visit. One of them is Taxco, a small picturesque town in the north-central part of Guerrero strongly associated with the Mesoamerican ballgame (that’s where its name comes from) and silver production. It was found near a former Aztec village and quickly became an important trade hub due to abundance of precious metals in the area. Silver mining and jewelry manufacture have historically been the region’s main sources of income. Although Taxco is not very widely populated and can’t boast a very turbulent resort life, its lovely architecture, captivating atmosphere and cultural traditions won’t leave you indifferent.
31 March 2017 08:22:10
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Natural paradises you must visit in Quintana Roo
Different people see a perfect vacation differently. Some are looking for late night thrill in exotic restaurants and night clubs, others enjoy luxurious hotels and comfortable Playa del Carmen tours. And some prefer to get away from the urban fuss and snatch a few weeks of peace and quiet in nature’s lap. If you are one of such people, you should definitely visit a marvelous region of Mexico called Quintana Roo. This amazing piece of land will allow you to get lost in the virgin rainforest, get a shot of adrenaline kayaking down the river rapids or admire the colorful world of coral reefs. Here are just some of the places you can start with. 
29 March 2017 10:09:40
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Those planning a trip to Mexico shouldn’t miss the amazing city of Patzcuaro which is a perfect spot for cultural trips and family vacations. This sizeable town in Michoacan will strike you with spectacular street views and peculiar atmosphere with a good deal of history spirit. The city was built in the early 14th century and used to be the capital and religious seat of the Tarascan state. Following the Spanish invasion, Patzcuaro became the main city of the New Spain province and had retained the status of an important commercial and cultural hub ever since.  
27 March 2017 11:53:45
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Los Mochis
So, you’ve packed your stuff and count hours till going on a holiday in Mexico. Hot sun, gentle sea and incredible impressions are right round the corner! If you haven’t decided which of the countless Mexican cities to visit yet, though, think about buying a ticket to Los Mochis. This picturesque coastal town in the state of Sinaloa, northwestern Mexico, has enough attractions both for those who love the pulsation of resort life and those who prefer a quieter pastime in the lap of nature. Here are some facts and tips that will help you build your route.  
23 March 2017 11:50:06
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Felipe Carillo Puerto
Countries like Mexico never stop amazing us with an exotic mix of splendid tropical nature and mysterious culture dating back thousands of years. Every Mexican city is uniquely beautiful and charming, and even the smallest village lost in the jungle has a number of stories in store for a curious ear. Whether you came to this country to chill out at Playa del Carmen beach, roam the winding mountain paths with a backpack or gaze at the ruins of the ancient Maya civilization, you will find your thrill here. For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowded resorts, there is no better place to spend a vacation than cities like Felipe Carillo Puerto. 
19 March 2017 09:43:02
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3 Parks Worth Visiting in Mexico
Mexico is a lovely country with picturesque landscapes, rich culture and incredible atmosphere. With a great number of beautiful areas to visit, you may have difficulties planning your route across the land. To help you out, we compiled a list of three natural parks in Mexico that definitely deserve your attention. 
15 March 2017 07:28:02
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There are plenty of beautiful places in Mexico deserving your attention. The wild forests of Cancun, the noble mountains of Oaxaca, the dazzling beaches of Playa del Carmen – everyone will easily find something to their taste here. If you want both to get a glimpse of exotic nature and learn more about ethnic Mexican culture, you should definitely pay a visit to Valladolid.  
11 March 2017 01:34:09
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San Cristobal de las Casas
There is nothing like a picturesque landscape of a fertile valley placidly settled among mountains in the south of Mexico, in the colorful state of Chiapas. Right in this idyllic area lies a city called San Cristobal de las Casas. You will enjoy its unique atmosphere created by cobbled streets and pacifying pine forest stretching nearby. This place is a good mixture of ancient customs and modern-time conveniences and luxuries. San Cristobal reflects some certain blend of city and countryside combined in one special and charming ambience that makes it one of the most popular resorts in Mexico as a perfect destination for tourism.   
06 March 2017 11:17:27
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Holbox Island
Mexican resorts constantly attracts thousands of tourists looking to enjoy exotic nature, learn more about local history and get a taste of rampant night life. Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Akumal, Cancun – there are plenty of places to visit. Some of these spots are  crawling with people, dazzling the eye with a multitude of neon lights and inviting you to have fun at hot Southern parties. However, if you prefer to spend your vacation in a more secluded destination where you can still catch a glimpse of virgin Mexican nature and won’t be disturbed by noisy crowds, it makes sense for you to set off for Isla Holbox.

25 February 2017 17:57:21
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If you are interested in the mysterious history of Mexico, you definitely should visit Cempoala. Cempoala or Zempoala is the center of the Veracruz. The city was founded 1500 years before the Spanish entrance. It is situated on the shore of the Actopan River and not far from the coast. In ancient language, the name of the city means “three hearts.” This beautiful name is an allusion to three nations living here – Totonac, Chinanteca, and Zapotecs.  
22 February 2017 08:26:22
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Tampico and Playa Miramar
Mexico offers tremendous opportunities for tourism. Hiking in the tropical jungle, discovering ancient Indian ruins and enjoying event-packed Playa del Carmen vacations are just some of the options available for adventure-thirsty travelers. There are numerous picturesque wildlife reserves, historical sites and colonial cities worth visiting in Mexico, and one of them is Tampico. 
19 February 2017 08:18:04
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If you plan to travel to Mexico, there is one city you can’t miss. It is San Miguel de Allende. Situated in the east of the Guanajuato state, central Mexico, it continuously attracts thousands of tourists interested in the turbulent historical past of the region. Its friendly climate, amazing colonial architecture and a vast number of tourist attractions make it a perfect place to spend a quiet yet memorable vacation. San Miguel de Allende can’t offer a particularly wide choice of night clubs or crowded parties to attend.  
16 February 2017 11:22:00
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There are many hobbies in the world, and travelling is among the most expensive ones. You can visit various cities in your own country, but you can’t compare it to discovering new cultures and unique spots on the world map. There is a list of countries that have a rich history and inspiring sights, and Mexico is on the top of it. This wonderful land invites everyone to explore its picturesque towns, enjoy breathtaking landscapes and feel a special atmosphere of the ancient places. If you plan to visit Mexico, you should definitely add Cuernavaca to your itinerary. This is a very extraordinary city with a glorious past and numerous places of interest worth visiting. 
13 February 2017 09:04:00
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Cacaxtla and Xochitecatl
If you are looking for a country to spend a marvelous vacation full of impressions, Mexico is a sure choice. You will be amazed by its exotic nature, spectacular sea views, rich history and fine culture. Most of the cities were built either in the times of the Indians or during Spanish colonization, so each of them bears a trace of glorious past. Indigenous traditions and crafts, ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins, splendid colonial architecture and colorful Mexico holidays will stun even the most experienced traveler. One of the places you definitely have to visit on your trip around the country is the legendary site of Cacaxtla and Xochitecatl.

10 February 2017 06:34:00
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Adventure tourism in Mexico's Aktun Chen Park
Mexico is home to some of the most exciting adventure tourism destinations, naturally attracting thrill-seekers, looking for authentic experiences to make their hearts race. The broad diversity of nature; - from dense jungle to impressive canyon cliffs, there are plenty of unique thrills to quench your thirst for adventure.
One of the most impressive natural parks, Aktun Chen Park is family-friendly and makes for an excellent day trip. Here, young and old, can uncover the Mayan jungle's beauty and underground mysteries such as the impressive Aktun Chen cave, and on the surface, getting your adrenaline pumping on the Canopy adventure zip line tours that will transport you above the incredibly diverse wildlife spreading over 3 hectares of Yucatan jungle. 
07 February 2017 04:17:00
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Teotihuacan is found approximately 31 miles North-East of Mexico City, in Mexico. lt is famously known as the city of the gods. Teotihuacan has several features that make it all and interesting place to tour. The unique and pretty interesting features of Teotihuacan include:

·         The Pyramid of the Sun
·         The temple of Ouetzalpapalotl
·         The Pyramid of the Moon
·         The Avenue of the Dead  
03 February 2017 06:27:00
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