4 places in Mexico to spend Semana Santa

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What is Semana Santa?

If you are planning a trip to a country like Mexico, you should do it in the right time. While Mexico is beautiful in any season, timing your vacation to one of traditional local holidays will give you an even wider palette of impressions. Especially if this holiday is Semana Santa. Held the week immediately before Easter, it’s a South American analogue of Spanish Holy Week that is marked by spectacular penance processions and performances running all over the country. If you don’t know where to spend Semana Santa in Mexico, here are a few ideas for cultural trips.

4 Mexican cities to visit on Holy Week

  1. Mexico City
Since much of Mexico City’s population departs to celebrate Semana Santa elsewhere, you get a rare chance of having its attractions all to yourself without crowds and heavy traffic. During this season, you can enjoy a large number of performances, exhibitions and music events staged in the city streets. Museums and historic places are also in open access while a mess in majestic Hispanic churches will make you feel the high spirit of Easter.
  1. Cuevarnaca
This lovely colonial town near Mexico City is famous for its two-week Semana Santa fair held on a yearly basis. Besides plenty of museums, ancient monasteries and historic buildings to visit, it offers guided tours in the Amancalo Eavines and musical shows in Jardin Borda, a huge garden with spectacular fountains, beautiful courtyards and craft vendors offering their themed goods.
  1. Taxco
This small, quiet city in the state of Guerrero is widely known for its extensive Holy Week processions that grow as long as 2,5km and take over two hours to complete. There are also staged performances and music shows to observe, while those interested in history and culture can take a tour around Taxco’s churches richly embellished in Baroque style.
  1. Iztapalapa
This borough of Mexico City is the place where the famous Passion Play of Iztapalapa is held, a massive ceremony symbolizing the crucifixion of Jesus and featuring up to 5,000 participants. Aside from idle onlookers, the procession also includes professional actors with speaking roles.
As you can see, there are quite a number of trips to undertake while staying in Mexico on Semana Santa. Immerse yourself in local religious traditions and cultural life by visiting one of these marvelous cities during Holy Week!
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