5 best places for honeymoon in Mexico

  • 10 April 2017 11:09:22
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Heaven for lovers

Mexico is a perfect country for spending your honeymoon. Gentle sea waves and spectacular coastal landscapes, lush palms and sunny weather, plenty of attractions and magical exotic aura draw newlyweds from all over the world like a magnet. If you want your honeymoon in Mexico to be truly memorable, spend the first weeks of your married life at one of these five resorts.

Where to go on honeymoon in Mexico?

  1. Le Blanc Spa Resort
This marvelous all-inclusive hotel is a true paradise for newlyweds. With excellent room service, premium catering, exquisite spa offerings and a good deal of entertainments, you won’t have time for boredom. There is also a beautiful pristine beach in the area where you can enjoy your portion of bathing in the open sea and chilling out on the white sand.
  1. Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach
If you are looking for a mix of first-class luxury and some natural charm, this scenic stretch of white-sand beach is just what you need. The area is broken into secluded accommodations, each with a personal terrace facing the marvelous turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Plenty of things to do and amazing tropical nature will make your stay here simply unforgettable!
  1. Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita
Enjoy a splendid panorama of the ocean coast right from the window of your bedroom at this luxury hotel with a private beach, golf court and spa center. There are several restaurants and lounge bars to cool off from the tropical heat and the famous ‘Lazy River’ attraction encircling an oasis complex. The resort is very family-oriented, so you are welcome to take your little ones along!
  1. Casa Velas
This picturesque spa resort drowning in lush tropical gardens, Koi fish ponds and five-star restaurants will amaze you with its splendid rooms, rich cultural program and, above all, resident peacocks walking unhindered along hotel paths and lawns. In the center of the complex lies an oversized swimming pool that makes the whole place look like a heavenly oasis.
  1. Secrets the Vine Cancun
This high-end resort on the coast of the Caribbean is a great place for those willing to enjoy contemporary accommodations, relaxing spa and elite entertainments. You can choose to stay at the hotel and take advantage of its premium services or explore the neighborhood according to your own agenda. Crystal clear water, powder-white beaches and posh dining facilities offer a wide space for planning your perfect honeymoon!

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