3 Parks Worth Visiting in Mexico

  • 15 March 2017 07:28:02
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Mexico is a lovely country with picturesque landscapes, rich culture and incredible atmosphere. With a great number of beautiful areas to visit, you may have difficulties planning your route across the land. To help you out, we compiled a list of three natural parks in Mexico that definitely deserve your attention.

Bosque de Chapultec (Mexico City)

Located in Mexico City, this stunning expanse of ‘green lungs’ is one of the biggest city parks in the world. Spanning almost 1,700 acres with a large hill in the center, Chapultec Park will charm you with a labyrinth of winding paths, a scattering of lakes and fountains and beautiful sculptures. It also includes amusement rides and nine museums. Aside from being a popular cultural spot, the location is also home to ancient trees, some planted by the Aztecs, and rare species of migrating birds.

National Park of Palenque (Chiapas)

This spectacular archeological site is nested amidst a deep jungle with rumbling waterfalls and murmuring creeks. However, its main attraction is a dazzling set of ruins dating back to the heyday of Maya culture. Fanciful architecture, mysterious temples and pyramids and of course the very spirit of this ancient place will give you an impression of going back in time and seeing Palenque as it was centuries ago.

Aktun-Chen (Playa del Carmen, QRoo)

Finally, you can’t go past the amazing Aktun-Chen park located in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. These 400 acres worth of pristine tropical rainforest will stun you with fascinating views and exotic wildlife. The park offers the following attractions:

·         Caving in a 5-million-year old grotto that used to be an ancient Mayan sanctuary
·         Snorkeling in a beautiful cenote shimmering among the trees
·         Zip lining 20 feet above the ground with the entire park spread below
·         Visiting a zoo where you can see rare fauna species, including the spider monkey, coati and toucan.
·         Eating ethnic Mexican dishes in a cozy restaurant right amidst the jungle
So if you haven’t decided where to go on your trip to Mexico yet, these three parks will make a great addition to your cultural and entertainment program! Stunning nature in its virgin beauty, lots of activities to undertake and the unforgettable experience of touching the roots of ethnic Mexican history will make your stay in this country even more exciting!
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