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Do you know what can turn a boring vacation on the beach into an exciting adventure? Underwater photography!  However, you won’t be able to do much without the right equipment! If you want to take amazing underwater pictures, any kind of phone, even an iphone, is not an option. In the list below you can read about three types of cameras for outstanding underwater pictures.
  • ​ ·         Compact cameras
As we can see from the name of these cameras, their main advantage is the size. They are also quite light and relatively cheap. Due to their small size it’s very easy to carry them around when you travel. The most important feature for underwater photography that this type of cameras has is wet lenses. It makes it possible to change lenses when you are in the water! Did you know that you can also shoot underwater videos using a compact camera? On the downside their battery life is not so long and the quality of the optics is far from professional. One more issue that has been reported quite frequently is delayed reaction of shutter and focus. 
  • ·         dSLR
dSLR stands for ‘digital single lens reflex’ . This kind of cameras is of a larger size, heavier and more expensive than the compact ones. However, the quality of the pictures is much better than their compact relatives have to offer. dSLR also has a great variety of lenses, better sensors and control over shutter and focus. If you are an experienced photographer you can shoot in raw. Some recent models even allow you to shoot in the water.  
  • ·         Mirrorless cameras
These kinds of cameras don’t have a mirror before the sensor which allows us to use multiple lenses. They are quite small and considered to be the best ones for taking pictures underwater.


Once you make up your mind about the right equipment, you’ll need to decide on the place for your first awesome underwater shots. It seems that the Aktun-Chen Nature Park is the place to go! You will be able to not only take gorgeous pictures while scuba-diving in absolutely beautiful lagoons, but also you can go down in one of the oldest caves in Mexico and snorkel in its crystal clear cenote while taking astonishing shots of underground water life! Nothing will ever be able to replace something like pictures that you made yourself! You’ll be able to look at these pictures during long winter evenings and remember all the adventures and fun you had in Mexico.
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