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Ziplining in mexico

Do you want to zip line in Yucatan on the coast of Mexico? Aktun-Chen is the perfect place. Yucatan can offer a lot of outstanding views for you to enjoy. Just think of splendid coral reefs and exotic jungles of Tulum that will definitely take your breath away! Do you know the best way to truly get most out of them? Zip line in Mexico!  You’re probably already imagining yourself flying like a bird over the magnificent jungles and beautiful blue lagoons with white sandy beaches. Do you already feel your heart beating super fast and you like this feeling? You will definitely be able to enjoy Aktun-Chen more and see more of its inhabitants than those who simply take walking tours. One of the most common and funny-looking animals of Yucatan is the coati. Let’s learn some more about these wonderful creatures.

A tropical racoon

Have you ever seen a coati before? If you haven’t, just think of a raccoon with sandy-colored fur. It has black paws, a cute long nose and a brown and black striped tail which you can often see above the grass as a coati looks for food. In order to hide from predators it climbs up on tree branches and snoozes after a nice meal. These animals are widely spread in Central and South America. Here are several interesting things to know about coatis:
  • Coatis are extremely flexible animals which allows them to climb down trees with their head first.  They also have another name, which is hog-nosed coons, due to their cute-looking long noses.
  • Coatis are excellent climbers! Due to their very strong legs and claws that are as sharp as blades, they can climb up very tall trees. They build their nests in the foliage of the trees as it’s a perfect place for them to hide from the midday sun, rain and predators.
  • Coatis lead a very interesting social life. Even though they live in quite large communities, you can hardly find an adult male there, as they only join the group during the breeding period. They also have their own “language”- they communicate with each other with the help of different sounds and poses.
  • Polygamy is widely spread in the coatis’ world. Once a female gets pregnant she leaves the group, makes a nest and waits until her kits are old enough to join the group. Usually she gives birth to 3-7 baby coatis at a time.
If you go zip lining in Aktun-Chen, make sure to carefully scan treetops to see these cute creatures in their natural habitat!

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