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The birthplace of mysteries

There are many hobbies in the world, and travelling is among the most expensive ones. You can visit various cities in your own country, but you can’t compare it to discovering new cultures and unique spots on the world map. There is a list of countries that have a rich history and inspiring sights, and Mexico is on the top of it. This wonderful land invites everyone to explore its picturesque towns, enjoy breathtaking landscapes and feel a special atmosphere of the ancient places. If you plan to visit Mexico, you should definitely add Cuernavaca to your itinerary. This is a very extraordinary city with a glorious past and numerous places of interest worth visiting.

The spring city

What season is your favorite? If you like spring, you can’t imagine a better place to spend a vacation, because Cuernavaca is otherwise known as the “City of Eternal Spring”. You will see that the town is full of green trees and iridescent flowers, and you won’t be surprised to find out that this beauty is protected by law. Cuernavaca is located close to Mexico City, and it has always been an important cultural center. You can take a tour of luxurious haciendas that used to belong to famous people and dream of being one of their hosts. And if you want to learn more about local traditions and customs, citizens of Cuernavaca are always ready to greet students from all over the world in their hospitable houses.

Things to see in Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca opens many doors in front of curious tourists. Here are some of the spots you should definitely visit:

·         Palace of Cortés is the oldest civil structure of the colonial era preserved in both Americas. Built in late Medieval times, this massive yet elegant fortress used to be a personal residence of Cortes and was subsequently used as a barracks and jail.

·         Morelos and Juárez Gardens are spectacular plazas lined with trees and packed with all kinds of entertainments. They are appreciated for the miscellaneous cultural life bustling there.
  ·         Teopanzolco is a stunning set of Aztec ruins that contains tremendous monuments dating back to the 15th century. This archeological site is highly praised by those who love history.

There are many churches in Cuernavaca. Each of them has its own history and deserves visiting. Don’t forget about numerous museums that will expand your knowledge of this city. Whatever sight you choose to visit first, Cuernavaca will impress you with its colonial beauty and the spirit of long by-gone times still lingering in the air!

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