How to choose a snorkel?

  • 09 October 2015 21:56:53
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A world out of sight

You’ve probably heard a good deal about snorkeling and diving among the splendid reefs of Mexico. Fantastic views of coral gardens spreading as far as the eye can see, motley swarms of tropical fish and fluorescent ghosts of jellies moving along their invisible routes, busy shrimps and clumsy lobster lurking among the anemones… Who would miss out on such an adventure? But the Caribbean Coast of Mexico isn’t the only place where you can enjoy scenes of underwater life. Perhaps dimmer and quieter, but no less fascinating is the world of mysterious underwater rivers and cave lakes yards below the earth surface. Yes, that’s right – there are rivers running underwater! How is it even possible? Read on to find out!

Underwater rivers – what are they?

This amazing natural phenomenon is quite common on the Yucatan Peninsula that has a great number of sinkholes due to a porous structure of its soil. As a result, fresh rainwater pouring from above and exposed salty groundwater form two separate layers that exist within one water body. That means, any cenote can potentially host an underwater river and you will never know it for sure until you actually go down to check your theory. You can do it in Aktun-Chen! Our park features one of the oldest cenotes on Yucatan, once a mysterious Mayan sanctuary and now a fabulous natural object where you can take a refreshing swim and explore the deepest corners of the ancient lake with a snorkel. But first you need to buy a diving tube and we will gladly help you choose one!

Tips on buying a snorkel

If you are new to snorkeling, you may think all snorkels are the same. But there is actually a wide assortment of different types and models to select from. Here are some options we would recommend:
  • ·         Flexible with purge

This type is called so because it has a silicon tube you can rotate and bend at your convenience. Such construction allows you to fit the tube to your mouth shape and thus achieve maximum comfort while snorkeling. At the bottom, there is also a purge valve that removes extra water from the tube when you rise to the surface and blow out. Comparing to snorkels that are cleared from the top, it requires very little effort and doesn’t distract the swimmer from enjoying the views.
  • ·         Semi-dry with splash guard

Designed in much the same way as flexible tubes, semi-dry snorkels also feature a splash guard protecting it from spray. Although that might seem as a minor addition, water splashes that get into the tube from the surface can cause quite a discomfort and even result in choking. Of course, snorkels with splash guard are a bit more expensive.
  • ·         Dry snorkel
Most widely preferred snorkel type, dry tubes are perfect for beginners. Taking you one step ahead of semi-dry snorkels, they are equipped with a hermetic valve on top that prevents any water or air from coming in. A system like that guarantees complete safety and maximum comfort while snorkeling.

Choosing the right snorkel can be rather tricky, especially if you are looking for an option that is both high-quality and affordable. You can go with any of the types mentioned above, just make sure the tube feels comfortable and is well-fitted to your face. Good luck testing it out in the Aktun-Chen cenote!
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