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QUINTANA ROO during the festival

What attracts people to come to Quintana Roo every year? Is it the genuine beauty of nature with its picturesque blue lagoons and outstanding nature parks? Yes, they all do have such beauty; however, from the 12th until the 18th of November a huge festival takes place there. Its name is The Caribbean Culture Festival!This annual showcase reaches out across the globe drawing citizens of 16 nations to the area, proudly displaying all the wonders that nature parks in Mexico have to offer. Participants take advantage of the opportunity to impart invaluable wisdom and customs handed down through the ages. Quintana Roo is one state of Mexico that is happily ready to receive guests from every place in the world and from every walk of life. Don’t miss your chance to see for yourself all the amazing things the culture of Mexico and its beautiful nature parks have to offer!


The Caribbean Culture Festival has a wealth of things to offer. From listening, seeing and even trying out some new tasty foods, you’re sure to find something to pique your interests!
·         Firstly, the sounds of local and world-renown celebrities such as Denisse de Kalafe, Warrior King, Margarita (the Goddess of Cumbia), Chichi Peralta and many more regale you with their musical talents, giving you an unforgettable experience!
·         Delight your palate with the many delicious dishes of Mexican cuisine, some of which you haven’t even heard of before! Interested in learning how to reproduce these fantastic recipes at home, for yourself? Take a master class with certified chefs ready and willing to help you share in their pride for their national foods.
·         Take part in, or simply enjoy watching dancers of ballet, salsa, folk and more ranging from beginners to the highly trained – all ready to offer a lesson or two for visitors, so don’t miss out!


Still have some extra time on your hands? How about souvenir hunting for something to bring back with you? Or maybe sit in on a live poetry reading? Or maybe book a private tour in Aktun-Chen, one of Mexico’s breathtaking nature parks? Feast your eyes on various species of flora and fauna that can only be found here! Take a mental picture of an amazing cavern that has been around for about 5 million years! Embark on a great adventure through the rich, dense rainforest and even hitch a ride 25 feet in the air on a zip line! Come and take hold of the many new and exciting experiences are waiting for you in the nature park of Aktun-Chen!
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