Toucans in Mexico

  • 15 February 2016 00:00:00
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There are so many different kinds of bird species in Mexico. Toucans are one of them. You can meet quite a lot of them if you visit one of ziplines there. There are some features that are common for these birds and they won’t let you confuse them with their feathered relatives. They have a giant orange beak, a sleek black and white plumage and beautiful blue eyes. Let’s read some interesting facts about these amazing and fancy-looking creatures.


·         As soon as you see a toucan you can’t help but notice its large beak. Did you know that it can be from 15 to 23 cm long? Can you imagine that it’s almost the size of another bird! Another reasonable question that may pop up in your head is how it can fly with such a massive beak. It is actually not as heavy as it seems because it has the same texture inside as a sponge. Why do you think they need such a ‘weapon’? As we all know it might get extremely hot in the tropics and toucans’ beaks help them to cool down. That’s how awesome nature works!

·         Another advantage toucans get with their huge beaks is that they can find yummy insects in deep tree holes and reach for fruit on tree branches. They can also easily peel mangos and kiwis with them! Their massive bills work miracles when it comes to scaring off predators; however, they are quite useless during a fight! 

·         There is no real need for toucans to travel long distances that’s why their wings are not so long. If they need to get a yummy fruit from another tree they hop from one tree to another and don’t really fly.

·         Did you know that toucans are real interior designers? They spend weeks trying to carve a prefect home with the help of their awesome beaks! However, they never build their own homes: they either use other birds’ abandoned nests or hollow trees.
·         Toucans are quite loyal and supportive birds. Did you know that they can change taking turns sitting on eggs? They live in groups of 5-6 birds and have their own language!


There are so many ziplines over Riviera and ruins of the Maya in Mexico where you can enjoy not only beautiful sceneries but also see toucans!  Aktun-Chen happens to be one of them. You will never forget your visit to our outstanding park!

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