Adventure tourism in Mexico's Aktun Chen Park

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Mexico is home to some of the most exciting adventure tourism destinations, naturally attracting thrill-seekers, looking for authentic experiences to make their hearts race. The broad diversity of nature; - from dense jungle to impressive canyon cliffs, there are plenty of unique thrills to quench your thirst for adventure.
One of the most impressive natural parks, Aktun Chen Park is family-friendly and makes for an excellent day trip. Here, young and old, can uncover the Mayan jungle's beauty and underground mysteries such as the impressive Aktun Chen cave, and on the surface, getting your adrenaline pumping on the Canopy adventure zip line tours that will transport you above the incredibly diverse wildlife spreading over 3 hectares of Yucatan jungle.

The Freedom of Flying!

imagine a 25 feet high zip line, suspended above the inspiring tropical forest and being able to fly over a whimsical spread of nature and taking note of the unique flora and fauna of the area The Canopy Adventure zip line tours will also mean you will be experiencing jungle life like the vibrantly-colored exotic birds that you will see, for a most immersive experience.

Diving Into Nature

For those looking the explore the magnificent heritage of the area, consider a guided walk tour through a 5-million year old cave, adorned by eerie, naturally formed stalactites, stalagmites and other impressive natural formations. Aktun Chen being the Mayan word for 'river inside a cave", the centre of crystal-clear water has a rather mystical quality to it.

To get even closer to this stirring scenery, discover the unparalleled, somewhat magical experience that is
•            Absorbing the energy of caves and tunnels in the depths of the forest, extending for 700 yards underground

•            Taking a refreshing dip into the cenote at the cave's end

Above Ground too, the Aktun Chen Park brings an other-worldly quality to the otherwise rich ground for adventure tourism in Mexico. Inviting adventurers to discover the beauty of untouched rainforest, encounter endangered species such as the whitetail deer or spider monkey and rubbing shoulders with these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat while absorbing nature's sacred places and formations such as the underground river and Limestone cave complex.

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