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Teotihuacan is found approximately 31 miles North-East of Mexico City, in Mexico. lt is famously known as the city of the gods. Teotihuacan has several features that make it all and interesting place to tour. The unique and pretty interesting features of Teotihuacan include:

·         The Pyramid of the Sun

·         The temple of Ouetzalpapalotl

·         The Pyramid of the Moon

·         The Avenue of the Dead

The Pyramid of the Sun makes a tour to the Teotihuacan probably the most enjoyable thing one can ever do. It is the highest building and one will be more interesting for one to climb up its 248 steps. There is a belief that the construction of the Pyramid of the Sun took place around 200 CE. The pyramid is about 66 meters above the level of the ground. The Pyramid of the Moon, although it is not as large as the Pyramid of the Sun, is quite a big and an appealing one. It is height is around 241 feet. The ancient nature and appearance of the two pyramids makes Teotihuacan what it is interesting.

The Things That You Shouldn't Miss To Do On the Tour

  1. A walk in the Avenue of the Dead
Being in the Avenue of the Dead brings a strange, ancient and a good feeling to the visitor. Its four walls were creatively carved around an altar. The place, when viewed from a distance, looks like it was a palace of the most powerful king in the whole world.
  1. Cave tours
The best thing that a visitor to Teotihuacan should not miss out doing is touring the beautiful caves. The cave that is underneath the Pyramid of the Sun creates a strange good feeling when one is inside it. It has four chambers and looks like the most important and the most sensitive religious activities were carried out there. A tour in Teotihuacan can probably be the best trip that one may have.

Aktun Chen Park is a place with splendid natural views

Everyone should plan a visit this park. Enjoy yourself by swimming and snorkeling in the natural Atkun Chen cenote. You can make more interesting when you fly over the Riviera Maya Jungle zip line which is over a kilometer long. You will also enjoy the wild zoo, including flora and fauna. The Ancient Mayas in the park extends for more than 700 yards. The park also has an old dry cave which makes your visit to Atkun Chen Park the most interesting trip you will ever have. Cave tours will be the most memorable thing in your whole life. This part is very significant especially for those visitors that carry out speleology; it makes the study a successful one. The cave has been ranked among the top ten of the most depressive Underground Pathways in the world by the National Geographic Society.

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