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Countries like Mexico never stop amazing us with an exotic mix of splendid tropical nature and mysterious culture dating back thousands of years. Every Mexican city is uniquely beautiful and charming, and even the smallest village lost in the jungle has a number of stories in store for a curious ear. Whether you came to this country to chill out at Playa del Carmen beach, roam the winding mountain paths with a backpack or gaze at the ruins of the ancient Maya civilization, you will find your thrill here. For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowded resorts, there is no better place to spend a vacation than cities like Felipe Carillo Puerto.

A peaceful refuge for loners

Founded by the Maya in 1850, during the raging war between native Mexican tribes and European-descended population, the city was initially named Chan Santa Cruz. Later, in the mid-20th century, it was renamed to commemorate the Socialist Governor of Yucatan. Felipe Carillo Puerto is rather small; you can easily cross it on foot or by bike. There are no big malls, posh restaurants or noisy night clubs here. This is a quiet, sleepy settlement that leads a steady life and cherishes old traditions. If you enjoy slow walks down half-empty streets, boat sailing at sunset, ethnic dishes and music in thatched-roof cafes, this city is just for you!

Things to do in Felipe Carillo Puerto

·         Drop by at the city center

Capturing the eye with a lovely architectural ensemble, Felipe Carillo Puerto’s city center is a perfect place to spend an event-packed day and feel the local rhythm of life. Plenty of cozy cafes, fancy shops and cultural events won’t leave you just cluelessly hanging around! A pleasant bonus: there is always live music in the Central Park on weekends!

·         Get a bite of local history and culture

Those eager to find out more about Felipe Carillo Puerto can spend a few fascinating hours at local museums where you will learn the history of this place and see the relics of the past. You are also welcome to visit Na’atik Language and Culture Institute, the focus of the city’s wisdom and knowledge. Community spirit is very strong here!

·         Relax in nature’s lap

The city is surrounded by wild jungle with rampant tropical vegetation and swarms of colorful butterflies. This pristine splendor is all yours to explore! In the vicinity of Felipe Carillo Puerto, there are also plenty of small lakes and cenotes that will strike you with their enigmatic beauty. And of course you can always enjoy warm sea and tropical sun at the city beach!

·         Visit Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

If you are thrilled with exotic wildlife, you can’t leave Felipe Carillo Puerto without paying a visit to Sian Ka’an, a stunning natural refuge just outside the city.  Spanning miles of coastal wetlands and lagoons, this marvelous ecopark is home to many endangered species. It also covers part of a nearby coral reef offering a wonderful opportunity to go on a diving adventure.

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