Holbox Island

  • 25 February 2017 17:57:21
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Mexican resorts constantly attracts thousands of tourists looking to enjoy exotic nature, learn more about local history and get a taste of rampant night life. Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Akumal, Cancun – there are plenty of places to visit. Some of these spots are  crawling with people, dazzling the eye with a multitude of neon lights and inviting you to have fun at hot Southern parties. However, if you prefer to spend your vacation in a more secluded destination where you can still catch a glimpse of virgin Mexican nature and won’t be disturbed by noisy crowds, it makes sense for you to set off for Isla Holbox.

In the lap of nature

Situated north of Yucatan, Holbox is a tiny island just with a length of just 26 miles and less than a mile wide. In Mayan, its name means ‘black hole.’ Because of its unique ecology and rich population of birds, the island is considered to be part of a larger wildlife reserve and its natural treasures are carefully protected. Here are a few things that might convince you to choose Holbox as your ultimate tourist destination.

Fascinating facts

• Holbox is severed from the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula by a small lagoon with mangrove swamps where you can see numerous flocks of birds, including flamingos,  pelicans and herons. Some of these species are considered to be endangered, so visitors are only allowed to observe them from two passageways keep the birds off limits for visitors.

• Isla Holbox is also a popular destination for whale shark observing. These rare elegant beasts appear here in summer. You can even take a swim with them!

• If you always wanted to learn kiteboarding, Holbox is a perfect place to do it. Its beach is one of the safest spots for novices, since it has no dangerous obstacles and the water is not so deep. The weather is usually windy, especially in winter. You can even hire an instructor at a special kiteboarding school.

• To access the island, use the ferry that departs Chiquila or get a small five-seater plane flying from Playa del Carmen and Cancun.

• On Holbox, you won’t see any cars. Instead, visitors drive mopeds and golf carts to reduce environmental impact.

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