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As you might know, the Mayans had very many gods and goddess - one hundred and fifty, to be precise. Each of them represented either a natural phenomenon or an aspect of their lives. It was believed that they inhabited the gloomy underground caves of incredible Mexico from where they ruled the world. There is a beautiful and yet sad Mayan story about Ix Chel, the Devi of women. She is usually depicted as an elderly woman (half woman – half jaguar), and personifies fertility. People prayed to her and asked for rain for their harvest and for children. Chichen Itza once was one of the most sacred places for Mayan women where they came to pray for a child. Let’s find out who Ix Chel once was, read about her appalling fate and how she ended up being the goddess of fertility.

LOVE AND revenge

·         Ix Chel was incredibly charming and every god but Kinich Ahau loved her. He was the Sun God. She tried hard for many years to make him fall in love with her; however, all of her affords were in vain. She was following him everywhere and caused awful floods and storms. She was so much in love with him that she couldn’t see what she was doing.

·         Finally, she managed to win his love. She made a splendid gown for Kinich Ahau with her own hands, and he gave up. They got married and had four children, four sons who were half jaguars as well. They could run so fast and were completely invisible in the sky, especially at night. They were in charge of four sides of the world: the south, the north, the west and the east.

·         As Ix Chel still looked gorgeous the Sun God was very jealous of her. He thought she could have cheated on him with his brother. He grew so furious and let his fiery side out. The Sun God threw her down and she almost died. He realized that he had made a terrible mistake, and wanted to bring her back. He promised he would never do anything like that again; however, Ix Chel made up her mind to never go back to her brutal husband. She turned into a jaguar and hid from him in underground caves. Since then, Ix Chel has been helping women in need.
underground caves
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