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So, you’ve packed your stuff and count hours till going on a holiday in Mexico. Hot sun, gentle sea and incredible impressions are right round the corner! If you haven’t decided which of the countless Mexican cities to visit yet, though, think about buying a ticket to Los Mochis. This picturesque coastal town in the state of Sinaloa, northwestern Mexico, has enough attractions both for those who love the pulsation of resort life and those who prefer a quieter pastime in the lap of nature. Here are some facts and tips that will help you build your route.

Interesting facts about the city

·         Los Mochis was founded by a group of American utopian socialists in 1893. They dreamed of building colony that would function in line with socialist values. This community existed for 31 years.

·         The city is an important industrial center contributing to sugar cane, rice, cotton and vegetable production as well as fishery.

·         It was named after the Mochi flower that grows in abundance in the area.

·         Los Mochis has a developed sports culture. It hosts a large soccer stadium and the Mexican baseball club. However, the city is best known for its boxing traditions, with many world champions originating from here.

Where can you go in Los Mochis?

Those willing to enjoy a day in the fresh air will be glad to drop by at Sinaloa Park and Botanical Gardens that used to be the home ground of Benjamin F. Johnston, a person whose contribution to the city’s industrial development had made Los Mochis one of the region’s key commercial and cultural hubs. This marvelous piece of wild nature will amaze you with a scattering of beautiful trees and exotic flowers. Around 14 miles away from the city lies another popular destination, the port of Topolobampo where you can chill out at the beach and enjoy a wide range of aquatic sports. This area is also perfect for deep-sea fishing and if you ever dreamed of catching a marlin or huge dorado, this is your chance! Out in the sea, there is also the famous Patos Island, home to flocks of migratory birds nesting along the coast.
If you are more interested in culture, though, don’t miss out on a visit to the Regional Museum of the El Fuerte Valley where you can wander around six exhibition rooms featuring historical relics and marvel at a unique petroglyph mural. Evening is the time to take a stroll down Leyvazo, the focus of the city’s social and night life. With a great number of boutiques, restaurants, bars and night clubs in the area, you won’t fall short of entertainments. Every day spent in Los Mochis is like a holiday and this is definitely one of the most beautiful and event-packed cities in Mexico. And lastly, don’t miss your chance to catch a glimpse of the legendary Copper Canyon just outside the city that is eleven times bigger than the Great Canyon in the United States!
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