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The greatest of the nights

If you think that if it doesn’t snow in Mexico there’s no New Year, you’re terribly mistaken! Its celebration on sunny shores is just as amazing as it is in a snow-covered Europe, for example. You can even see a real Christmas tree in the center of the city! How cool is that? On New Year’s Eve people gather together with their families and friends, have a great festive meal, talk while drinking some champagne, hug and kiss as soon as they hear the clock strike midnight. After that they go outside, watch millions of colorful sparkles from fireworks and bonfires and then dance on the streets to live music until the sun comes up. However, it wouldn’t be true Mexico if it didn’t have any special rituals on New Year’s Eve.

Let’s have it mexican style!

·         Red (which means love), yellow (associated with joy), green (supposedly brings you money), and white (which gives you good health) are the traditional colors of New Year’s celebration in Mexico. People use these colors while decorating their houses and, you’ll probably never believe it, even choose them for their underwear!

·        It wouldn’t be a real New Year’s celebration without pan dulce on the table. It’s an absolutely delicious sweet bread. What’s so special about it you’ll ask? There is a coin hidden inside one of the buns. The person who finds it will be very lucky all year long.

·         One more interesting tradition involves grapes! Every time the clock strikes you’re supposed to eat one grape and make a wish. So basically twelve of your dreams may come true this year! If you also attract good luck by ringing the bell at midnight and put colored candles on the table, you’ll definitely have the best year of your life! 

·         Would you like to know how to get rid of sorrow, tears and troubles? Pour a glass of water out of your window! If you would like to climb up the career ladder, put a bunch of cushions under yourself and be higher than everyone else at the table! If you want to travel somewhere this year, hurry up and pack some of your things and walk around the block with a suitcase! Don’t be afraid to look silly because you’ll probably see some other people dreaming to go to Europe, for instance. Just watch out for those who are trying to get rid of their sorrows and tears! 

New Year’s in Aktun Chen

Aktun Chen Natural Park will be happy to invite you to celebrate New Year’s Eve and spend your winter holidays in paradise. You won’t have to worry about the cold or snow- only beautiful sunny days on the seaside. Start the best year of your life in Aktun Chen Natural Park in a sunny coast of Mexico and return back home with great memories and full of energy for new victories!  
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