Ruta Bec
Atkun Chen Nature Park, a park known for its scenic caves and cool streams silhouetted by tall canopies is situated in the core of Riviera Maya. It is one of the beautiful places one can visit in Quintana Roo. The park is considered by the Mayan people not only as a tourist attraction, but a place where they can preserve their culture and religion
If you are fan of cave tours, then Ruta Bec should definitely be your next travel destination. It is situated between Chetumal and Escarcega where popular Mayan archaeological zones are located.  
02 February 2017 09:05:00
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The Beauty of Mexico's Bonampak and Yaxchilan
Head about 107 kilometers south from Cancun and you will uncover the spectacular 400 hectare spread of virgin rainforest at the Natural Park Aktun Chen, who's name denotes the existence of a well that is caved in. And indeed, the greatest treasures of this site make for a thrilling discovery of an underground complex, spreading over 700 yards beneath ground.
Such caved in grottos are approximately 5 mitten years old and some of Mexico's other geological phenomenons have a fair amount to teach and provide incredible insight into the historical heritage of the country and its ancient populations. 
29 January 2017 17:47:17
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Indulge in the Stunning Nature of Mitla
If you're looking to travel to Mexico for a truly memorable experience, we have just the place for you: Mitla.
Mitla is an incredible and famous archeological site that resides outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. Because of the extremely dry climate in this area, Mitla has been well conserved and sites that exist here that were created over 10,000 years ago. It is believed that Mitla was inhabited as early as 900 B.C. 
28 January 2017 15:12:00
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The Thrilling Biodiversity of Mexico's Los Tuxtlas
Head South of the state of Veracruz, 105 miles from the port, towards Catemaco to discover the splendid natural reserve that is Los Tuxtlas. Adventurers and travelers seeking unique experiences amongst nature will rejoice at Los Tuxtlas, which spreads over an area of 155'000 hectares and is comprised of incomparably varied landscape elements; - from rich vegetation to mystical swamps of the Coatcacoalcos and Papaloapan rivers.  
20 January 2017 18:09:00
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Amazing Monte Alban in Mexico
Monte Alban is an ancient city in Mexico and a capital of Zapotec civilization. It is placed on the top of the 400 m leveled hilltop, from which it is possible to enjoy in a spectacular view on the valley. It is an amazing place, not only by its important heritage, but also for its magnificent nature. Therefore it received the UNESCO World, Heritage Site designation in 1987. It is located a few kilometers from Oaxaca city, and definitely one of the places you should consider visiting in Mexico. This location is filled with many beautiful structures, such as the main square, pyramids, temples, underground passages, tombs, an observatory, and a playground for games with a ball.  
17 January 2017 15:19:00
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The Tree of Tule: The Thickest Tree in the World
There are many surprises waiting for you in Mexico. Zip line tours, cave diving and jungle hikes can leave any European dweller breathless. If you are fascinated with ecotourism and enjoy spending time in the lap of nature, you should definitely visit Arbor del Tule – the stoutest tree on our planet. You can see this natural wonder on the territory of the central church in Santa Maria del Tule, a small town in the state of Oaxaca. 
27 June 2016 05:33:00
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For all the fans of traveling and discovering new amazing cultures, Mexico is a must visit. Besides enjoying rich exotic nature, for example, the tropical forests inhabited by colorful birds and wild animals, there is cuisine. Mexican quesadilla, tacos and other national dishes are internationally recognized like the most toothsome. Today we are going to share you some Mexican recipes and the secrets of how to make a true symbol of Mexico on a plate! 
24 June 2016 05:29:00
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What is the most interesting and exciting place in Mexico? Every local or tourist will tell you different things: undergrounds caverns, picturesque lagoons and beaches, the ancient cities of Maya… We certainly believe that the location you must pay a visit to are the cenotes of Puebla city.
Get to know Mexico to completely fall in love with it. We promise that this is the feeling that is certainly going to last all your life. 
17 June 2016 17:29:18
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El Tajin: The Sanctuary of Thunder
We hear a lot lately about zip lining and cave diving in Mexico. But what really attracts people to this country is its mysterious past buried in the ruins of ancient Mayan cities. These remains of the great civilization can be found all over Yucatan. One of them is El Tajin, a major archeological site dating back to 600 A.D. This was a large and prosperous city full of magnificent temples, palaces, pyramids and ballcourts with architecture unseen anywhere else in Mesoamerica.  
16 June 2016 04:27:00
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The museum in Cancun displaying underwater sculptures
People from all over the world come to Mexico to dive and snorkel. There are plenty of opportunities for that! You can put on a scuba-diving suit and go down an ancient cenote that keeps so many secrets of the past; or you can snorkel or scuba-dive in one of many absolutely gorgeous coral reefs that are filled with bright and colorful fishes. You can take a rafting tour along an underwater river hidden from people’s eyes in one of the systems of caves. There are so many things to do and places to see in Mexico!  
11 June 2016 06:24:00
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It seems that years or sometimes even decades will be not enough to explore all of Mexico! It has so much to offer even to an ardent traveler or a very picky one! You can either choose a luxurious hotel or a hut in the jungle and be surrounded by all the beauty of wildlife. What would you choose? Would you rather ride a zip line or relax on one of outstanding beaches of Mexico? There are definitely plenty of activities in this wonderful country.
However, it’s not the nature, not the history that seem to attract so many people to Mexico every year! It’s its culture with incredible traditions that go way back to the past. We are pretty sure you’ve heard of piñatas. It can be made of paper or fabric, or it can even be a plastic container! It is usually filled with chocolates and candies and you need to break it with a stick. Nowadays piñatas usually happen during birthday parties; however, this ceremony roots back to theAztec time. Let’s see how this ritual originated.  
07 June 2016 07:24:00
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A quarter of a century ago a great idea stroke William Garrett’s head (William Garrett is a former editor of National Geographic Magazine). His idea was to create a hiking route which would include all important places in the history of the Maya. The Mayan route is a 1,500 miles long trek. If you decide to take this route, you’ll dive not only into the culture of a long-gone civilization but also into breathtaking views of Central America. During your journey you will visit a great amount of historical sites, little settlements hidden deep within the mangrove forests and learn some interesting facts about those places. 
04 June 2016 19:00:54
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The Hidden Beach of the Marieta Islands
Even if you’ve already visited Mexico it always has something to amaze you with. No matter if you decide to take a relaxing boat tour when the sun gently sets in the Caribbean Sea and colors everything around in warm yellow and red shades; or go extreme and slowly raft along an underground river in one of old caves that keep secrets which are hundreds years old. Mexico has plenty of surprises for you! 
31 may 2016 07:05:00
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The Arch of Cabo San Lucas
Mexico is a wonderful country and yet there is much there to be discovered. Every year it attracts thousands of people from all around the globe with its incredible nature and breathtaking landscapes. There are so many things to do on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico which include activities on the shore and in the open sea. Even if you’ve already been to this beautiful country there is always something new to do: you can apply all of the snorkel and diving tips you’ve collected during your life and discover a wonderful natural attraction called the Cabo Lucas arch for yourself. It is located in the city of Cabo.  
26 may 2016 05:09:00
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Vaqueria holidays
There are many reasons why Yucatan is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. This is an amazing piece of land with splendid views, rich wildlife and unique natural formations like cenotes and underwater caves. Diving, sailing, hiking, ziplining – the list of entertainments available here can go on and on. But you can’t say you have actually been to Mexico until you attend a traditional Mexican holiday!  
23 may 2016 03:13:00
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Mexican nature is one of the major touristic attractions in this country. However, what else cannot be left without attention is Mexican culture. In this post, we would like to share some fascinating facts about the Mayan script. 
21 may 2016 01:26:00
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Huichol people
Mexico is such an interesting country and you can’t say you’ve seen it all if only once you get strapped to a cable and ready for a zipline ride through its tropical forest. You need to look deeper. Its spirit is hidden deep within the jungles, in old little villages whose people still have and cherish the ancient culture of the Maya. In one of such villages in the mountain range of Sierra Madre, there lives a tribe called Huichol. They call themselves ‘Wixarika’ in their own language. Here are some interesting things about these mysterious people.  
18 may 2016 01:10:39
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There are so many incredibly beautiful places in the Yucatan Peninsula! Here you can find exotic green jungles, tall mountain ranges, absolutely gorgeous blue lagoons with white shifty sand and coral reefs of outstanding beauty. No surprise so many people who enjoy zip lining, hiking, diving and snorkeling as their most favorite destination! Others people are attracted to this wonderful country with fascinating culture and very rich history.  Seems like almost everything you see has an interesting legend to tell. 
15 may 2016 07:08:00
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The legend of Xtabentun
Mexico is a land where life and legend intertwine to the extent when it’s hard to separate one from the other. People who used to live here thousands of years ago believed that nature and our inner world are connected and everything that happens in our souls is reflected on the outside. Indeed, when you hear stories about mystical creatures living in Mexico caves, mountains, forests and rivers, or tales explaining the origin of different plants, animals and weather phenomena, you catch yourself wondering whether any of this could actually be true… If you are thrilled by that sort of stuff, the legend of the Xtabentun flower will definitely appeal to you with its romantic backdrop and rather unexpected moral. 
12 may 2016 05:15:00
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What scenery do you like the most while travelling? Whatever it is – in Mexico we have it all: turquoise ocean waves, hills and mountains, tropical forests and caverns. Visit one of the incredible natural parks like Aktun-Chen or go on a quest to explore the long-forgotten cities of Maya! 
09 may 2016 07:05:00
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