Now open on Sundays! Enjoy the 3rd bet underground walk of the world according National Geograraphic! 
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The legend of cenote Mani
Each of us can name so many things why they would like to visit Mexico. Some of us would say they want to zipline through jungles somewhere near Cancun or enjoy its beautiful beaches with white shifty sand; others would say they would really love to feel the true spirit of Mexico and its unique culture and history. There are many small villages all over Mexico where the past of a long-gone civilization is still present as well as some of their traditions. One of such places is called Mani. This town is situated near a beautiful cenote that carries the same name. No matter what brings you to this wonderful country you definitely will not leave without a full range of different emotions and hundreds of memorable pictures. However, right now let’s learn some interesting information about the city of Mani and a mysterious woman who could see the future.  
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The part of Mexico on the Caribbean has many exciting activities to offer. You definitely won’t have any free time when you are there. If you love extreme or would like to have more of an educational vacation you can zip line or go sightseeing in Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Cancun. If you plan to visit this part of the country, there is a definite must-see town hidden between two. Its name is Akumal. 
29 April 2016 04:03:00
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Mayan astronomy
It is safe to say that astronomy was the core of Mayan science. For the Maya, studying the system of planets and stars was a key to understanding the ultimate order of existence set by the gods. Trying to figure out how time and space work together, they tied objects of the physical world to temporal movements of celestial bodies. Although the Maya never used any specific devices to keep track of time, they could always tell what hour it was simply by looking at the sky. The changes they observed there also signaled a favorable timing for the planting season, religious ceremonies and warfare.  
23 April 2016 06:11:00
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Chicanna: House of the Serpent Mouth
There are so many things to do in Mexico. Everyone will definitely find something here that they’ll like! If you are more like an explorer, you can swim and scuba dive in ancient cenotes, underground rivers and beautiful lagoons. If you like the extreme and enjoy feeling your heart pumping at a crazy speed, the longest zip line in the world is waiting for you! If you prefer to broaden your horizons and learn something about the oldest civilization in the world there are many ancient ruins with pyramids, sanctuaries, columns and altars. One of such cities is called Chicanna which can be translated from Mayan as the ‘House of the Serpent Mouth’. It was founded in approximately 300 BC and developed until about 250 AD.  
20 April 2016 03:40:00
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The ruins of Becan
Yucatan is a place where nature and culture exist as one harmonious whole. Every time you step into one of the underground caves Mexico is famous for, you can be following in the traces of the long-gone Maya ancestors who came here to pray and perform their ceremonies. The country is full of ancient sanctuaries and enigmanic ruins hidden off the beaten track.    
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The Chicxulub crater
Isn’t it fascinating to realize that we can still witness some things that once changed not only our history but our planet in general? One of such life changers is located in Mexico. Do you think we are talking about some mysterious cave, or an underground river, or a weird temple in the rock, or maybe a sacred lake in the middle of the jungle surrounded by the Maya ruins? Not at all! Think bigger! It’s a giant bolide crater that caused not only the extinction of dinosaurs but also a new era for our planet!  
15 April 2016 00:00:00
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Mexican handicrafts
There are plenty of fascinating things like bare root trees, coral reefs and underwater caves in Mexico. But its greatest treasure is its history and traditions carefully passed on from generation to generation. These fine crafts practiced here since ancient times are genuinely Mexican not only in looks, but also in spirit. Putting a souvenir like that on your shelf will keep Mexico near even when you are thousands of kilometers away!  
08 April 2016 13:19:00
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The ruins of Palenque
One the greatest places to visit is the Riviera Maya. Exotic jungle, white sandy beaches with stunning blue lagoons and multiple tourist sites make this place extremely attractive for travelers. If you prefer extreme tourism, there are many routs for hiking, river rapids for white water rafting, zip lines that will give so much adrenaline and many other things. If you are not quite into anything extreme, you’ll find dozens of casinos, wonderful restaurants and night clubs there. If you’re looking for something interesting with a slight note of mystique, Mayan Riviera is also a perfect place as they are thoroughly hidden in its ancient ruins, cities and caves. One of them is Palenque. This ancient city lies at the bottom of the Chiapas highlands. It’s one of the greatest archeological sites in the entirety of Mexico. It hides an impressive collection of architecture, inscriptions, carvings and sculptures.  
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Izamal: The Yellow City
Mexico can dazzle us with the lights of big resorts and the splendor of beach parties, but its true spirit dwells off the beaten track, in tiny settlements and ancient ruins where the call of the past is still strong. One of these places is Izamal, a small Yucatan town west of Merida that used to be an important religious center between 200 BC and 800 AD. Among Mexicans, Izamal is known as the Yellow City due to the color of most buildings or the City of Hills, referring to the remnants of Mayan pyramids scattered around its territory. Of all its magnificent temples and palaces, only a few have been restored, but the legacy of Izamal lives on side by side with its modern history. Here are some landmarks you should visit first. 
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Mexican literature
Mexico is usually connected with beautiful nature and multiple tourist attractions such as zip lining, diving and snorkeling in underground rivers and cenotes, hiking and so on. Thousands of tourists come here every year to enjoy all these activities; however, Mexico has so much more in store! Take literature, for instance. Plenty of widely known writers were born and lived in Mexico.  
28 March 2016 00:00:00
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Famous artists of Mexico
Mexico has not only unbelievably beautiful nature and interesting traditions but it can also impress you with its art! In this article you are going to read about two of the most famous artists of Mexico, their passionate lives and works.  
08 March 2016 10:18:29
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Canyons of Mexico
Mexico is a land of beautiful nature and endless possibilities to enjoy it. One lifetime is hardly enough to explore the brilliant work of art Mexican nature is. Picturesque and wild, free and fertile, it overflows with rich landscapes, green jungle, ancient caves, rushy mountain rivers and exotic wildlife. A full spectrum of entertainments is available for you Mexico. Zip lining, scuba diving, forest tours, caving, base jumping, river rafting and even canyoning are there to make your vacation unforgettable!  
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There is something very unique in the Yucatan Peninsula, something you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world. Do you know what it is? It’s the environment. The peninsula is located on what used to be a coral reef. With the course of time it has suffered some great transformations which resulted in one of the most astonishing and magical phenomena of Yucatan cenotes which are spread across the whole peninsula.      
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All living things were very important to the Maya.  They had many specific rituals to pay respect to every single plant, tree and animal and thank nature for giving them the chance to enjoy all of them. However, trees always took a special place in the Maya’s heart, as they not only could help them build, hide from the sun and rain, but they were also used in treating various diseases. You will be able to truly feel their power and magic when you go zip lining in Mexico. So what is ziplining?  
28 February 2016 22:19:32
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Volador – The Dance of Rain
One of the things we love so much about countries like Mexico is their exotic traditions. If you are planning a trip here, you have a unique chance to witness one of the most bizarre rituals to survive until nowadays – Volador. This thrilling mixture of dance and danger show was invented by the ancient Indians to appease the gods of rain. Once staged in an attempt to end a severe draught, Volador has since lost its ceremonial meaning and become part of the entertainment industry. Its basic version involves climbing a pole the height of a ten-story building and jumping from it headfirst with a rope around your feet! Sounds crazy, does it? Yeah, Indians are reckless fellows! Here is how it all happens. 
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Toucans in Mexico
There are so many different kinds of bird species in Mexico. Toucans are one of them. You can meet quite a lot of them if you visit one of ziplines there. There are some features that are common for these birds and they won’t let you confuse them with their feathered relatives. They have a giant orange beak, a sleek black and white plumage and beautiful blue eyes. Let’s read some interesting facts about these amazing and fancy-looking creatures.  
15 February 2016 00:00:00
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Sports in Mexico
The Mexican sports culture is as varied as its own cultural heritage with a wide range of recognizable achievements from soccer to local sports that are unknown to many. Sports in Mexico is an important part of their everyday life, whether enjoying games as spectators, taking part in the games themselves, or just hitting the gym after a long, hard day.
Take for example, soccer. Soccer is such a popular pastime in Mexico that this particular sport can be found in every nook and cranny of the country, bringing the normal day to day way of living to a screeching halt, especially when rivalries meet up for a clash of titans. The Latin version of the European cup, known as "Copa Libertadores", has been dominated many times over by Mexican teams.
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Haciendas in Yucatan
It’s amazing how a simple visit to such a country as Mexico can broaden your horizons and even enlarge your vocabulary!  How is it possible you ask? Let’s take hacienda, for instance. Do you know what this mysterious word means? No? Then picture yourself in a marvelous house of a huge size with staircases made of marble, glossy newly painted walls and elegant arches instead of ordinary doorways. It is usually surrounded by huge plantations with hundreds of palm trees and even fountains where people work day and night in order to keep the territory beautiful and well-groomed.  
06 February 2016 21:56:56
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Balancanche cave - the home of the sacred tree
Who doesn’t like secrets and mysteries? Yearning after them seems to be in our blood! We are always willing to find ourselves in unknown places, learn more mystical stories that discover the past of human civilization. Fortunately, Mexico is filled with riddles and mysteries. Balancanche seems to be the perfect place if you’re looking for such things. It is an impressive Mayan cave not far from Chichen Itza and it definitely needs to be on your itinerary. This place will fascinate you with its interesting history which dates back to the ancient Maya civilization, with its astonishing formations of rocks and an outstanding collection of archaic relics.  
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