Don’t you like to learn some amazing facts about different ancient cultures, an intriguing cave story about their traditions and so on? It’s especially hard to resist when you are in such a country as Mexico! Its stories of an ancient Maya civilization take us to a mysterious world of unbelievable creatures and various gods. They make us believe that anything is possible! Right now you’re going to read one very interesting cave story about of an awful creature called Tzukan. It was one of the most dreadful monsters you can only imagine. Only one mention of his name and the cave in which he lived made children and even the most courageous warriors scared to death. So sit tight and listen to this interesting cave story…      
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Mayan architecture
The birthplace of the Mayas is the Yucatan Peninsula which is an absolutely unique place due to its geographical position, natural resources and cultural wealth. It has always attracted tourists with its genuine beauty. Thousands of people from all over the world come here every year in order to see its fantastic jungles and breathtaking lagoons. If you’ve ever dreamed to own a real cave, you can do it here! You can even find caves for sale that later can be quite easily transformed into an attraction for tourists. Are you looking for a place to go hiking, black or white water rafting, snorkeling, or look at famous Mayan ruins with your own eyes? You have just found the perfect place! It’s Aktun-Chen Nature Park!  
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Do you want to zip line in Yucatan on the coast of MEXICO? Aktun-Chen is the perfect place. Yucatan can offer a lot of outstanding views for you to enjoy. Just think of splendid coral reefs and exotic jungles of Tulum that will definitely take your breath away! Do you know the best way to truly get most out of them? Zip line in Mexico!  You’re probably already imagining yourself flying like a bird over the magnificent jungles and beautiful blue lagoons with white sandy beaches. Do you already feel your heart beating super fast and you like this feeling? You will definitely be able to enjoy Aktun-Chen more and see more of its inhabitants than those who simply take walking tours. One of the most common and funny-looking animals of Yucatan is the coati. Let’s learn some more about these wonderful creatures.  
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What attracts people to come to Quintana Roo every year? Is it the genuine beauty of nature with its picturesque blue lagoons and outstanding nature parks? Yes, they all do have such beauty; however, from the 12th until the 18th of November a huge festival takes place there. Its name is The Caribbean Culture Festival!This annual showcase reaches out across the globe drawing citizens of 16 nations to the area, proudly displaying all the wonders that nature parks in Mexico have to offer. Participants take advantage of the opportunity to impart invaluable wisdom and customs handed down through the ages. Quintana Roo is one state of Mexico that is happily ready to receive guests from every place in the world and from every walk of life. Don’t miss your chance to see for yourself all the amazing things the culture of Mexico and its beautiful nature parks have to offer! 
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Aktun-Chen Nature Park is a great place to study different species of animals and plants in Mexico. You can find plenty of those in evergreen jungles and long, old caves. What’s interesting is that scientists keep finding remains of the Ancients Mayas here up to this day. It almost feels like their spirits are still here in mangrove forest which makes Aktun-Chen incredibly attracting and mysterious.  
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As you might know, the Mayans had very many gods and goddess - one hundred and fifty, to be precise. Each of them represented either a natural phenomenon or an aspect of their lives. It was believed that they inhabited the gloomy underground caves of incredible Mexico from where they ruled the world. There is a beautiful and yet sad Mayan story about Ix Chel, the Devi of women.  
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You can’t say you’ve been to Mexico unless you’ve tasted Mexican food! It is so delicious, tasteful and spicy! Mexican dishes are like nothing you’ve ever tasted before anywhere in the world! Can You only recall tacos and burritos when you think of Mexican food? Oh, no! Think larger! They can masterfully cook so much more there, on a hospitable Caribbean coast! Here is a list of most delicious Mexican foods!  
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You would be hard-pressed to find any country more romantic than Mexico! It’s immediately clear why a vast sum of betrothed choose to exchange their vows here.  Curious aged caves, magical underwater rivers and lakes,  stunning scenic viewswhite-washed sandy beaches bleached by the sun and the lolling waves of the Caribbean Sea, tantalizing tropical rainforests where not even the footfalls of men have ever been heard – how can anyone resist such a temptation when romance is all around you? What are about a downside? Well, if that pristine dress is a rental, you’re out of luck as there won’t be much left in the way of a return! 
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Ziplining is a great pastime in Mexico if you really love speed and adrenaline. Your heart starts beating so fast as soon as they strap you to a rope high up the ground! It is so exciting and scary at the same time to fly over the rainforest at such a great speed! You can’t help but scream at the top of your lungs until your feet touch the ground and you’re safe! There’s probably no better way to observe the nature of Mexico with its various tropical flowers and exotic animals than while zip lining. A white-tailed deer, for instance, is one of them.   
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Mexico has always been known for its amazing culture and rich traditions. The Day of the Dead is a big part of it. Do you know when it is celebrated? It is celebrated starting from October 31st until November 2nd. During this huge holiday families gather together in order to honor memory of their dead relatives. It is believed, that it is the time when their spirits come back to earth. Would you like to know some interesting things about this holiday? Here they are.  
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Cascades of Aktun-Chen
If you are longing for new unforgettable impressions, you should definitely try caving in Mexico! Imagine that you are roaming in the depth of an ancient cave, gloomy and eerie, full of enigmatic stone sculptures and vague echoes. Life here runs quietly and slowly, following its own unhurried pace. You can easily lose track of time wandering along endless underground passages and gazing at spectacular cave sceneries that unfold before your eyes. Ghostly visions of stalactites and stalagmites, majestic columns and arches shimmering in the darkness join into a breathtaking landscape the likes of which you will never see on the earth surface. One of such formations is called cascade. Let’s find out a bit more about it. 
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Wildlife in Aktun-Chen: meet the spider monkeys!
Tired of big city, its concrete landscape and hectic rhythm, we feel an ever larger urge for a healing touch of nature. If you are planning to spend a vacation out in the open, Aktun-Chen seems like a perfect place for it! Spread in the middle of a tropical forest, this fantastic eco park is crawling with lush vegetation and exotic wildlife. You can spend an entire day exploring its unbeaten tracks and enjoying incredible views of pristine jungle. Aktun-Chen is home to many rare animals that can hardly be seen anywhere else in Mexico and you have a wonderful opportunity to see one of them with your own eyes at arm’s length! Besides, the park offers a wide range of entertainments, including caving, snorkeling and zip lining in some of the most picturesque locations of the Riviera Maya. So let’s find out a bit more about the rich fauna of this marvelous land! 
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How to choose a snorkel?
You’ve probably heard a good deal about snorkeling and diving among the splendid reefs of Mexico. Fantastic views of coral gardens spreading as far as the eye can see, motley swarms of tropical fish and fluorescent ghosts of jellies moving along their invisible routes, busy shrimps and clumsy lobster lurking among the anemones… Who would miss out on such an adventure? But the Caribbean Coast of Mexico isn’t the only place where you can enjoy scenes of underwater life. Perhaps dimmer and quieter, but no less fascinating is the world of mysterious underwater rivers and cave lakes yards below the earth surface. Yes, that’s right – there are rivers running underwater! How is it even possible? Read on to find out! 
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When you come to a country so ecologically diverse as Mexico, choosing a starting point of your trip is a tough decision. Although there are many great places worth visiting here, we highly recommend that you land in Quintana Roo. This scenic area stretches across the entire South East of Yucatan dazzling the eye with white-sand coasts, opulent tropical forests and ancient caves. There, buried below meters of rock, spectacular cenotes and underground rivers are waiting to open their dusky beauty to fearless explorers. No, we don’t promise you the biggest volcano or the longest cave in the world. But you are sure to remember your stay in Quintana Roo for a very long time…
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Ecotourism in Cancun
This incredibly spectacular country gives you an opportunity to set off for a thrilling adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life. A trip to Mexico promises you a whole bunch of fabulous impressions – from setting foot in ancient Mayan sanctuaries to zip lining through the wild jungle of Cancun. You will get to visit the most amazing places, both on earth and below it. Rich vegetation and exotic animals, magnificent volcanoes and scenic sierras, shady lagoons and sunlit coral reefs – there is no shortage of discoveries to make! 
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Go snorkeling in Aktun-Chen!
Mexico is an wonderful country offering all sorts of activities for adventure-seeking tourists. Kayaking down rampant rivers, hiking along wild mountain paths, zip lining through the tropical canopy… Regardless of your hobbies and preferences, you will easily find a suitable pastime here. If you always dreamed to catch a glimpse of underwater life, welcome to the Riviera Maya. While scuba-diving and snorkeling among the coral reefs is definitely fun, Yucatan is also famous for its underground rivers and lakes lurking in the depth of age-old caves. 
13 September 2015 21:42:23
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Zip lining in Aktun-Chen: First impressions
Life is dull without adventures. Sometimes you need a boost of adrenaline to recharge your batteries. That’s when you risk getting strapped to a cable extended dozens of feet above the ground and sweep down from a mountain like a rocket screaming your lungs out. This is called zip lining. If you never tried it, you should definitely visit Aktun-Chen where you can enjoy all the perks of this awesome activity. Grab on and wait for a countdown!Life is dull without adventures. Sometimes you need a boost of adrenaline to recharge your batteries. That’s when you risk getting strapped to a cable extended dozens of feet above the ground and sweep down from a mountain like a rocket screaming your lungs out. This is called zip lining. If you never tried it, you should definitely visit Aktun-Chen where you can enjoy all the perks of this awesome activity. Grab on and wait for a countdown! 
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A trip underground: Caves and their mysteries

Interesting cave facts

The dusky realm of caves has always lured adventurers of all sorts. They spent weeks below the earth surface, away from the sun and fresh air, roaming endless labyrinths of age-old rock in search of legendary treasures, unspeakable wonders and, most importantly, answers. Where do caves lead?  
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Do you know what can turn a boring vacation on the beach into an exciting adventure? Underwater photography!  However, you won’t be able to do much without the right equipment! If you want to take amazing underwater pictures, any kind of phone, even an iphone, is not an option. In the list below you can read about three types of cameras for outstanding underwater pictures 
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Rules of zip line safety
Zip lining is a fascinating and totally awesome pastime that can highlight your entire vacation. In the fabulous ecopark of Aktun-Chen, you can set off for a breathtaking ride through pristine Mexican jungle enjoying an incredible panorama of the tropics from the height of 25 feet. Keep reading to learn the basics of zip line safety and spend a wonderful time in our park unmarred by unpleasant accidents! 
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