The Hidden Side of Aktun-Chen
The realm of caves strikes our imagination with its murky harmony and unbelievable landscapes. This world of never-ending night and undisturbed silence is strewn with breathtaking formations that can’t be found anywhere on the earth surface. You might have come across countless photos of stalactites and stalagmites in the internet, but it just can’t compare to seeing them with your own eyes! These amazing underground sculptures have been carefully built by nature century after century; this is a great book of history where the main geological events of each epoch are encoded in stone. If you are ready to discover the fascinating world of underground caves and find what lies yards below, we are glad to welcome you in Aktun-Chen!  
10 October 2012 23:58:47
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The cenote of Aktun-Chen: take a bath underground
Deep below the earth surface, there is a whole different world, exciting and mysterious. It is the world of caves and caverns, underground lakes and rivers, amazing plants and weird animals. Today we will venture into one of the oldest and most spectacular caves in Mexico – the cenote of Aktun-Chen, a magnificent Mayan sanctuary and the jewel of our natural park. But first some information on what cenote is and how it is formed. 
08 March 2015 03:22:04
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If you think that if it doesn’t snow in Mexico there’s no New Year, you’re terribly mistaken! Its celebration on sunny shores is just as amazing as it is in a snow-covered Europe, for example. You can even see a real Christmas tree in the center of the city! How cool is that? On New Year’s Eve people gather together with their families and friends, have a great festive meal, talk while drinking some champagne, hug and kiss as soon as they hear the clock strike midnight. After that they go outside, watch millions of colorful sparkles from fireworks and bonfires and then dance on the streets to live music until the sun comes up. However, it wouldn’t be true Mexico if it didn’t have any special rituals on New Year’s Eve.  
01 January 2016 00:00:00
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Are you ready to party all night long on a sunny coast of Mexico while your friends are at home sick and trying to stay warm with a cup of hot cocoa and wrapping themselves in long scarves? New Year’s and winter holidays don’t have to be about snow Christmas trees, even though you can see a real Christmas tree in the center of the city. This time can also be about adventures in some unknown tropical land. 
06 January 2016 00:00:00
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What is the best place for zip lining in Mexico? Oh, there are lots of beautiful places where you can do it: Playa del Carmen, Oaxaca, Cozumel, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. However, they can’t compete with a 25 feet high zip line in Aktun-Chen. You will feel so much adrenaline and experience so many emotions while ziplining over the treetops of the magnificent jungles in Mexico. It’s impossible not to enjoy all the beauty around as well as not to notice such amazing creatures of Aktun-Chen as peacocks. These birds of outstanding beauty are wandering around the territory of the park almost as they are in the wild.      
11 January 2016 00:00:00
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What makes the Yucatan Peninsula so special and attractive for tourists? Definitely one of the reasons is its unique culture as it has been formed by the Mayas and a rich Spanish heritage. Then again, from another point of view, it could be pointed out that the sea was the primary means of trade between the Yucatan and the remainder of Mexico's territories up to around the middle of the twentieth century. As a result, the culinary customs and tastes of the Yucatan are considered to be the most reflective of Mexico as a whole.  
18 January 2016 00:00:00
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The legend of the dove
Once upon a time, when the earth was youthful and pure, a courageous warrior roamed the forest. He was a good man who had a peaceful life in a very picturesque place. Every day he went fishing and hunting all by himself.
One day his life changed forever. He saw a woman who was paddling a canoe and singing. She looked so gorgeous and her voice was so angelic that he immediately fell in love with her and couldn’t think of anything or anyone else but that mysterious stranger.  
24 February 2016 00:00:00
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In the northeastern province of Quintana Roo, you'll find the spectacular Coba, tucked into an area rounded by two lagoons. This archaeological site is the most explored areas in Mexico. Echoes of the Late Classical Period are a first-hand experience here, especially when you are in view of its extraordinary compilation of sculpted stelae. Coba found itself between two ages and reached its pinnacle through a drawn out contest for regional dominance with Chichen Itza around 1000AD. 
12 March 2016 00:00:00
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If you ever visit this gorgeous island the views of its breathtaking turquoise sea and white sandy beaches will haunt you forever! It is located to the east of the Yucatan Peninsula and is only 48 km long. Despite its small size, Cozumel Island has so much to offer if you want to have an amazing vacation!    
16 March 2016 00:00:00
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Volcanoes of Mexico
How dangerous and yet impressive volcanoes are! Have you ever seen a real volcano? If not, Mexico is a great place to go as it’s situated on the North American tectonic platform. There are many active and extinct volcanoes in the country; however, in this article you’re going to read about three Mexican giants. Don’t get very scared, because they are quite safe as long as they remain asleep.   
19 March 2016 18:20:36
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The art of Yucatan
You’ll know for sure that you are in the Yucatan Peninsula if you are surrounded by breathtaking sceneries with green jungles and magnificent mangrove trees, rivers with clear blue water, very old caves with cenotes and underground rivers, and mysterious sounds of various animals and birds! Moreover, all this beauty is reflected in Mexican traditional art! 
22 March 2016 00:00:00
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Architecture of Puuc
Mexico is famous for its prosperous nature full of exotic animals and plants. Some of them can only be found in Mexico! If you are more of an explorer and don’t like googling answers to the questions that bother you, book your flight and come on over! You’ll be able to learn so many interesting facts about the coati, spider monkey and other animals hiding in the jungle and see them in their natural habitat. However, outstanding nature is not the only thing Mexico is famous for. You will be so amazed to see how talented the ancient Maya were! When you see all the things they created with their bare hands you will be left speechless!  
25 March 2016 00:00:00
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The wonders of Sian Ka’an
Yucatan is known for its unique ecosystem that has allowed for survival of endemic species impossible to find anywhere else. These rare birds and animals live in the many nature parks and wildlife reserves of Mexico – must-visit destinations for every eco tourist. One of them is Sian Ka’an, a breathtaking expanse of coastal wetlands and serene lagoons giving shelter to a vast variety of fauna. Part of the reserve actually lies in the Caribbean Sea covering a section of the coral reef. There are also over 20 archeological Mayan sites on the territory of the eco park, Tulum and Muyil among them. Sian Ka’an is a fabulous place that will impress you with magnificent views and sightings of exotic beasts roaming its paths. Here are some of them. 
12 April 2016 05:20:00
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The sacred cenote of Chichen Itza
Cenotes played an important role in the life of the ancient Maya. Not only were they the source of fresh water for local population, but also holy places where believers would come to address the spirits allegedly inhabiting them. According to the Maya, they concealed an entrance to the country of the gods called Xibalba guarded by rain god Chaac. That’s why each underground river around Merida, Cancun and Playa del Carmen has its own history. And that of the Sacred Cenote in Chichen Itza is probably the most thrilling – and most sinister… 
26 April 2016 09:25:49
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The Temple of Frescoes
Despite the fact that the Mayas are a long gone civilization their incredible culture and impressive history keep surprising us! Yucatan is a perfect place to check out if you would like to know more about those times.  
03 may 2016 21:41:52
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There are a lot of things an adrenaline filled, self indulged or an outdoor person can do to kick start a weekend, a holiday or even the summer but none match the fun filled Caribbean destination that is Mexico for one specific self fulling spot deep in the South American nation. Aktun Chen Park stands out among destinations because of its endless adventures, jaw dropping sites and heavenly scenery.  
13 January 2017 05:17:00
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Michoacán is a land of adventures, a land filled traditions, and a land of exotic beauty. It is a state in Mexico but it seems like an empire of it's own as it is part of many ancient civilizations. A visit to Michoacán is truly a magical experience; it feels like taking a vacation from the entire world and being transported back into the ancient times. It is a land brimming with culture and the love of nature. It is the former home of the Purépecha Empire and still contains ancient places built by the people of the past. You can visit the eight magic towers, be enchanted by the customs the people still uphold. 
24 January 2017 10:36:00
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Wildelife in the Yucatan Peninsula
Located at the southern edge of the Gulf of Mexico, the peninsula is home to some of the most unique and exciting animals in Mexico. The area is home to thousands of different species of all types, mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and more. The variety of animals in this region is truly breathtaking. The best place one could see these magnificent Mexican creatures is, without a doubt, at the Aktun-Chen Natural Park in Mexico, gives visitors the best opportunity to experience the abundance of wildlife that Mexico has to offer.  
26 January 2017 08:48:11
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A perfect vacation near the sea – that is what the majority of people think when they hear the word “Mexico”. And Punta Soliman is one of the best locations there.
Once upon a time it used to be a tiny fishermen village. But thanks to pleasant climate and incredible panoramas, nowadays thousands of tourists visit this place every year. 
28 February 2017 09:48:26
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Rio Lagartos
There are plenty of resorts in Mexico to any taste. Those enjoying rich night life and loud parties can chill out at the beaches of Cancun and Cozumel with their multiple tourist attraction and bright events. If you prefer a more reserved pastime, travelling off the beaten track through the wild part of the country will give you unforgettable impressions.  Fans of ancient architecture will be excited to visit spectacular Mayan ruins scattered all over the land. And if you are fascinated with wildlife, welcome to one of the many nature reserves hosting rare species that can be seen only in this particular area! 
03 March 2017 09:55:06
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