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A city with history

Those planning a trip to Mexico shouldn’t miss the amazing city of Patzcuaro which is a perfect spot for cultural trips and family vacations. This sizeable town in Michoacan will strike you with spectacular street views and peculiar atmosphere with a good deal of history spirit. The city was built in the early 14th century and used to be the capital and religious seat of the Tarascan state. Following the Spanish invasion, Patzcuaro became the main city of the New Spain province and had retained the status of an important commercial and cultural hub ever since. Today, it combines colonial-indigenous architecture, with cobbled streets and adobe tiled-roof houses, and the air of modernity that will keep you in touch with your urban side. Here are just a few of the places you can visit.

Places of interest in Patzcuaro

1.      Plaza Grande

Lined with ancient trees and fanciful mansions from the colonial era, the Plaza is a living and breathing metaphor of the city’s spirit. Ethnic cafes and stores offering handmade crafts neighbor neon-lit hotels and night clubs here. The most prominent structure  is the spectacular Palace of Huitzimengari that once was the residence of the last king of the Tarascan dynasty. In the middle, you can see an exquisite fountain with a bronze statue of Vasco de Quiroga, Michoacan’s first bishop.

2.      The Basilica of Nuestra Senora de la Salud

Built over an indigenous ceremonial site centuries ago, this church is the most visited in Patzcuaro. If you walk inside, you’ll notice a curious optical effect: although the roof is actually flat, it is adorned to look as a vault. The structure is the burial place of Vasco de Quiroga’s remains.

3.      Museo de Artes e Intustrias Populares

A bit south of the temple, you can visit this fascinating initially built as a college for young priests and a school for the Indian population. Here you can observe one of the biggest representations of lacquered exhibits and other ethnic crafts.

4.      Casa de los Once Patios

Translated as the House of Eleven Courtyards, this massive Dominican nuns' residence was erected in the late 18th century. Since then, the complex had been reduced to only five courtyards, though. Its oldest section features an elaborate fountain and an ornate entrance to the baths with hot water which couldn’t be afforded even by some of the aristocrats at the time.

5.      Lake Patzcuaro

The city lies on the shore of a beautiful lake with four islands where you can indulge in bathing, sailing, fishing and bird watching. One of the islands hosts a unique 40-meter monument of Mexican hero Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon placed atop a hill, with a display of murals telling the story of his life underneath it. The lake is also a popular location for celebrating the Day of the Dead.

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