Ruta Bec

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Atkun Chen Nature Park, a park known for its scenic caves and cool streams silhouetted by tall canopies is situated in the core of Riviera Maya. It is one of the beautiful places one can visit in Quintana Roo. The park is considered by the Mayan people not only as a tourist attraction, but a place where they can preserve their culture and religion. Atkun ("Atkun" means cave) Chen is surrounded by various mysteries but one stands out — the underground river whose ramifications are felt on the terrestrial surface.

Ruta Bec Scenic Features

If you are fan of cave tours, then Ruta Bec should definitely be your next travel destination. It is situated between Chetumal and Escarcega where popular Mayan archaeological zones are located. As you drive along to Kinicha (house of the sun) from Kohunlich (ruin site), you'll get a chance to experience Mexican and Mayan culture. The skies are marked by Itzamna — elongated buildings with high towers. The major sites of attraction in Ruta Rio Bec are described below.

·                      Kohunlich — this ruin site that is surrounded by huge trees. The region is near Chetumal and it is a home to different species of wildlife. The area is lonely and let's you feel like you are walking in the midst of a jungle.

·                      Dzibanche — Known for its carved wooden lintels, Dzibanche means writing on wood and it's one of the archaeological sites that has been preserved for research.
·                      Chicanna — Built around 800 CE, Chicanna (house of serpent) is an area that was inhabited by Mayan heroes and elites. The entrance to the area is marked by a doorway that resembles a big mouth.

·                      Becan — Between 600 and 800 CE, Becan was a fortified city that meant trench of water even though some scholars believe that Becan means the path of the serpent. The area offers a good site for tourists who love history. There is a pyramid that allows you to view the surrounding areas.

·                      Xpujil — as by the Mayan language, Xpujil means the place of cattails. Xpujil is another archaeological site that is filled with mysteries and history of the people living here. The winding stairway that leads to the main tower is certainly the greatest structure here.

·                      Calakmul — this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's the largest site in Ruta Bec area and it contains lots of historical facts dating from Pre-Classic to Classic archaeological periods. There are lots of plazas and structures to explore and various types of flora and fauna to see.
Ruta Bec is certainly one of the world's famous archeological sites with one of the highest number of sites per square kilometer. The region provides a sumptuous destination for historians and people who enjoy the gleam of nature.
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