Rules of zip line safety

  • 22 July 2015 10:27:40
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Get a bird’s-eye view of the jungle!

Zip lining is a fascinating and totally awesome pastime that can highlight your entire vacation. In the fabulous ecopark of Aktun-Chen, you can set off for a breathtaking ride through pristine Mexican jungle enjoying an incredible panorama of the tropics from the height of 25 feet. Keep reading to learn the basics of zip line safety and spend a wonderful time in our park unmarred by unpleasant accidents!

Equipment we use

Basic zip line kits consist of:
·         A steel cable capable of sustaining a certain weight limit.
·         A harness put tightly around your body and suspending you safely in the air.
·         A carabiner hooking the harness onto the cable and carrying you down its length.

We use top-quality Petzl zip line kits that will ensure your absolute safety during the ride. Our equipment is regularly inspected and updated to provide the best possible zip lining experience for our visitors. You can totally rely on our zip line kits that have been thoroughly tested and approved for recreational use. All you have to do is stick to a couple of simple rules that will keep you safe and unharmed!

How to behave on a zip line

  • To prevent any possible risks and injuries, make sure your outfit includes all necessary gear included in our zip line kits: a securely attached harness, impact-resistant helmet and friction-reducing gloves. If there is a strong wind, it’s also advisable to put on a pair of goggles to protect your eyes.
  • It takes some practice and great concentration to take off and land correctly, especially if you are zip lining for a first time. It’s very easy to get carried away by the beauty of the scenery, but don’t forget about safety and carefully follow your instructor’s guidelines.
  • While sliding down the cable, test out the pulley break included in most zip line kits. This will give you more confidence and comfort. You might also want to slow down while approaching the final platform to land softly and safely.
  • Zip lining requires proper clothing. A comfortable sports suit and flat shoes are more preferable than tight jeans and high heels hindering your movements. Remember that you are going to the jungle, not to the disco. Nobody will judge you by what you wear, so pick up a comfortable outfit.
  • There are height and weight restrictions for all zip line kits. Before going for a ride over the jungle, make sure your body parameters fit within those limits. If the cable isn’t meant for a person of your size, your trip can result in a serious injury or even a fatal fall.
  • Although our zip line gear is safe even for small kids, show a responsible attitude and don’t leave your  little ones unattended. Keep an eye of them even if you allow them to zip line on their own!
  • When using a platform or a bridge, keep your hands on the railing for support in case you slip, stumble or lose balance.
We hope you’ll spend a wonderful time in Aktun-Chen and visit us again to take another head-spinning light over the lands of the ancient Mayas!
Rules of zip line safety
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