San Cristobal de las Casas

  • 06 March 2017 11:17:27
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On the verge of centuries

There is nothing like a picturesque landscape of a fertile valley placidly settled among mountains in the south of Mexico, in the colorful state of Chiapas. Right in this idyllic area lies a city called San Cristobal de las Casas. You will enjoy its unique atmosphere created by cobbled streets and pacifying pine forest stretching nearby. This place is a good mixture of ancient customs and modern-time conveniences and luxuries. San Cristobal reflects some certain blend of city and countryside combined in one special and charming ambience that makes it one of the most popular resorts in Mexico as a perfect destination for tourism.  
The town consists of several barrios or neighborhoods. Each one is famous for a certain trade. Carpentry, woodcarving, iron working and many other crafts are of great use in San Cristobal.  The city’s narrow cobblestone streets are welcome to explore them on foot. There is nothing like wandering about this marvelous town, watching its elegant architecture and admiring the bright colors of its markets and shops. Make sure to visit some unforgettable points of interest that the town is ready to reveal to a curious eye.

Architectural voice of history

·        While in the main plaza of San Cristobal, call on the outstanding city hall and stunning Cathedral.

·        The city hall represents a masterpiece of Neoclassical architecture built in the 19th century. This construction is made of several arches firmly supported by the so-called Tuscan columns. The city hall is also known as the Palacio de Gobierno.

·        The Cathedral occurs to be the most symbolic architectural object of the city. It is dedicated to Saint Christopher who is the patron of the town. The whole construction bears features of European Baroque, Moorish and some traces of indigenous styles.

·        Casa Na Bolom (also known as House of the Jaguar) is a museum where one can also find a hotel and a restaurant. The museum contains a great collection of tools, archeological finds, clothing and crafts. The majority of these exhibits have a relation to the Maya people who live in the jungles of Chiapas.

·        The La Merced monastery was built as a fortress where both soldiers and citizens could find refuge in case of enemy attack. It explains the church entrance with a huge, strongly fastened wooden door. The church still works nowadays. And the monastery was finally transformed into the Museum of Amber that is unique in the Americas.       

A great combination for you to see!

There are too many breathtaking places of interest in the world. While some of them unveil the blossoming power of nature, others display the talent and craftsmanship of people reflected in the beauty of urban architecture.
The colonial city of San Cristobal, Maya’s former homeland, finely combines amazing gifts of nature with ingenious skill of humans, making this town a place that is impossible to miss!      
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