Tampico and Playa Miramar

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Mexico offers tremendous opportunities for tourism. Hiking in the tropical jungle, discovering ancient Indian ruins and enjoying event-packed Playa del Carmen vacations are just some of the options available for adventure-thirsty travelers. There are numerous picturesque wildlife reserves, historical sites and colonial cities worth visiting in Mexico, and one of them is Tampico.

Located in the southeast of the Tamaulipas state, the city lies on the north bank of the Panuco River and is just several miles away from the Gulf of Mexico. The first settlements were founded here by the Aztecs. In the mid-16th century, the region was occupied by Spanish colonists who set up a mission here. However, the city was frequently attacked by pirates, so it was again left for another 150 years. Finally, in 1823, the modern-day city was established here as part of the new, independent Mexico.

Places worth visiting

• The name of the city means ‘place of otters.’ Situated among numerous lagoons, the area used to host a wide population of otters otherwise known as water dogs. There were so many of them that the locals just couldn’t think of any other name.

Tampico used to be an important silver hub. The first oil well in the country was also drilled in its vicinity.

• The city will strike you with a spectacular mix of architecture characterized by ‘grandiose’ features, wrought-iron balconies and other elegant decorations like those you can see in Venice and New Orleans.

• Some of the most incredible tourist attractions include the Town Hall and the Cathedral of Tampico. In the docks, you can also visit the famous redbrick Customs House. Plaza de Libertad and Plaza de Armas, two historical areas in the downtown, are also of great interest to anyone interested in Mexican culture.

White sand and torquoise sea

However, one of the most visited placed in the city is the wonderful Playa Miramar – over 10 kilometers of white sand stretched along the Gulf of Mexico where you can take a bath in the crystal clear water, chill out at the beach with a cocktail, go diving, snorkeling and kayaking. The underwater landscapes of Playa Miramar are simply amazing and will stun you with the beauty of marine life. Take your chance to experience everything the Gulf of Mexico has to offer, both underwater and on the surface!

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