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The silver city

Travelling to a country like Mexico is always a fascinating experience. Even if you have been here several times, there are still plenty of places worth your visit. One of them is Taxco, a small picturesque town in the north-central part of Guerrero strongly associated with the Mesoamerican ballgame (that’s where its name comes from) and silver production. It was found near a former Aztec village and quickly became an important trade hub due to abundance of precious metals in the area. Silver mining and jewelry manufacture have historically been the region’s main sources of income. Although Taxco is not very widely populated and can’t boast a very turbulent resort life, its lovely architecture, captivating atmosphere and cultural traditions won’t leave you indifferent.

Places to check out in Taxco

·         Since the city is built on rugged terrain, the streets are irregular, narrow and steep, some even without sidewalks. What makes a walk around Taxco particularly fascinating is that most of them are paved with dark stones with the inclusion of white-stone lines, images and murals. Some neighborhoods have pictures of Zodiac signs symbolizing certain commercial and social structures. Lined with colonial-style red-roof houses, the streets of Taxco are a pleasure to observe.

·         If you want to get a taste of local life and check out what entertainments the city has to offer, start by heading to Plaza Borda. This recreational area is full of restaurants, bars, craft stores and silver shops where you can try ethnic cuisine and pick a few souvenirs. Don’t forget to take a look at the Casa Borda, Taxco’s most significant civil structure and educational center. The curious thing about this building is that its front facing the plaza has only two stories, while its back has five because of the city’s uneven landscape.

·         On the east side of Plaza Borda stands the Santa Prisca Church, one of the few examples of Baroque architecture in the Guerrero state. The temple was founded by silver magnate Jose de la Borda who nearly went bankrupt building it. This splendid pink-stone structure, flanked by two richly embellished bell towers, is famous for its colored-tile cupola and two gold altarpieces reaching from floor to ceiling.

·         Other places of interest include the William Spratling Museum displaying archeological relics and silverware from different periods, the Ex Monastery of San Bernardino, which is the oldest church in the city, and Ex Hacienda del Chorrillo on the north side of Taxco. It is also one of the most popular places for celebrating Holy Week, with long processions and elaborate ceremonies held throughout the city.
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