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largest cave in the world, the longest cave in the world

A land of surprises

When you come to a country so ecologically diverse as Mexico, choosing a starting point of your trip is a tough decision. Although there are many great places worth visiting here, we highly recommend that you land in Quintana Roo. This scenic area stretches across the entire South East of Yucatan dazzling the eye with white-sand coasts, opulent tropical forests and ancient caves. There, buried below meters of rock, spectacular cenotes and underground rivers are waiting to open their dusky beauty to fearless explorers. No, we don’t promise you the biggest volcano or the longest cave in the world. But you are sure to remember your stay in Quintana Roo for a very long time…

Five caves to visit in Quintana Roo

  • · Ecopark Kantun-Chi
You will be stricken dumb with this amazing net of limestone tunnels full of magnificent stalactites! The caves are connected with a system of underground rivers and cenote that you can explore by kayak. This is a great opportunity to catch a panorama of the entire underground complex and admire swarms of tropical fish following your boat. Get ready for miles of thrilling adventure!
  • ·Cenote Sac Actun
Did you know that you can also snorkel underground? The Sac Actun cave conceals a placid lagoon that has spread in its very depth. Strewn with marvelous formations and beautiful water plants, shimmering quietly in scattered light, it offers an incredible sight that will haunt you in your dreams. Outside, the cenote is surrounded by the wild tropics where there is a great deal to see as well.
  • ·Cenote Santa Cruz
One of the loveliest cenotes in the state, Santa Cruz will take you down a web of meandering passages edged with ancient stalactites to a fully lit liana-draped lake opening into the jungle. You can take a head-spinning dive into its crystal-clear depth right from above! The bottom landscape is equally attention-worthy. Mysterious underwater tunnels, majestic stone arches and picturesque grottos will keep you occupied for hours!
  • ·Labna-Ha caves
If you don’t like crowds, Labna-Ha is a perfect place for you to visit. Aside from breathtaking underground sceneries, it features a rather interesting history dating back to the ancient Mayas. Lurking in the heart of the rainforest, the location is drowned in exotic vegetation that descends down to the very surface of the cenote. You will be mesmerized by its clear turquoise water and solemn spirit of old times!
  • ·Aktun-Chen park
Our splendid ecopark combines all the perks mentioned above! The oldest and largest cave in the area, the Aktun-Chen grotto invites you on a fascinating trip in the world of mystery and eternal twilight! Extending 700 yards below the earth surface, it will amaze you with fabulous underground views and eerie legends surrounding this place. In the end of the cave, you will find a stunning cenote tapering away into the jungle canopy. Don’t forget your snorkel, cause you are about to take a long swim right here, in an ancient Mayan sanctuary devoted to rain spirits! Perhaps you’ll even be lucky enough to meet one! Let your underground adventure begin!
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