The sacred cenote of Chichen Itza

  • 26 April 2016 09:25:49
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underground river cancun

Once cenotes were not only beautiful places, they also used to be very important for people. First of all, the supply of fresh water came from those reservoirs. Second of all, they were considered to be divine and many rituals and ceremonies took place there. The Maya thought they were inhabited by different gods and they had to come there to praise them or ask them for something. They also believed that those underground lakes were a hidden door to the world of gods. It was guarded by the god of rain Chaac. Every underground river or a lake near Cancun or Yucatan in general has something interesting to share. Would you like to know one of the most mysterious and maybe even one of the most ominous stories the Cenote of Chichen Itza has to tell? Then sit back and listen.

What is hidden on the bottoom of the cenote

Just afterthe Sacred Cenote was found it didn’t seem to be interesting; it just looked like a lake. However, later thousands of ceremonial accessories were discovered on its bottom. Why were they there? There is a theory that they were tossed into the lake in order to allay the god of rain Chaac. Many scepters, different weapons, jewelry items and even idols were discovered there in the depths of it. Some of them were broken, and maybe even intentionally before they were thrown in the water. However, things never seem to be enough neither for people nor for gods…;
Among the collection of ceremonial items, the archeologist found something shocking- skeletons of men, women and even kids! It sounds very cruel nowadays; however, for the Maya and their culture human sacrifices were quite ordinary. In their defense they only scarified their enemies (they were usually hostages or members of other tribes). Even though the Sacred Cenote of Chichen might seem like a very gloomy place, it is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Yucatan.  

Can you scuba-diving there

  • ·         The cenote was first explored about a century ago and here are the results of the expedition: The water there was not crystal clear. Tree roots and rocks that were not stable complicated his immersion.

  • ·         A thick layer of a substance of blue color covered the bed of the underground lake. It was 5 meters thick, to be more precise.
  • ·         Many items made of gold were scattered all around the bottom.
In present days you are not allowed to dive in the Cenote. If you are planning to look at ChichenItza you can include it in your itinerary and stand next to what used to be a big part of the Mayan civilization. 
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