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All living things were very important to the Maya.  They had many specific rituals to pay respect to every single plant, tree and animal and thank nature for giving them the chance to enjoy all of them. However, trees always took a special place in the Maya’s heart, as they not only could help them build, hide from the sun and rain, but they were also used in treating various diseases. You will be able to truly feel their power and magic when you go zip lining in Mexico. So what is ziplining? It’s when you fly almost like a bird over jungles, lakes, water and the many other things which Mexico has to offer strapped to a cable that sometimes can be very long. Let’s see what the most spiritual trees in Mexico were. 


According to the Maya trees represent the power of life as they manage to get through the underworld and grow high above the ground. You can often meet trees in art, literature and folklore. The Maya also used some kinds of trees and plant to cure some illnesses. Here is the list of most sacred trees of Mexico:
  • ·         Ceiba Tree
You can meet a Ceiba tree in many cultures; however, for the Maya it has a special mystical meaning. It connects the underground world, earth and the sky. They Maya also used the fruits of this tree as very valuable kind of cotton.  
  • ·         Pom
Resin of the Copal tree was considered to be very valuable for the Maya as they often used it in their rituals. You can still find it in almost any souvenir store and it’s very aromatic if you burn it.
  • ·         Baalche’
This absolutely beautiful tree with lots of purple flowers also took an important place in the Maya rituals. They used it to make a special drink and believed that when you drink it you gain the power and beauty of the tree. 
  • ·         Sip-che’

Sip-che’ had a very magical and mystical meaning for the Maya. They believed that it can scare away all curses and evil spirits, as well as bad energy.
  • ·         Yaxnik

The Maya used this tree to treat different diseases; however, nowadays, it is an endangered species. 


If you are very interested in the Mayan history, rituals and traditions, or just want to have an awesome vacation on the beach, then Mexico and Aktun-Chen in particular is the perfect place for you! Here you will be able to not only see history with your own eyes but also touch it, as well as have some great time at the beach!  

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