Natural paradises you must visit in Quintana Roo

  • 29 March 2017 10:09:40
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Tete-a-tete with nature

Different people see a perfect vacation differently. Some are looking for late night thrill in exotic restaurants and night clubs, others enjoy luxurious hotels and comfortable Playa del Carmen tours. And some prefer to get away from the urban fuss and snatch a few weeks of peace and quiet in nature’s lap. If you are one of such people, you should definitely visit a marvelous region of Mexico called Quintana Roo. This amazing piece of land will allow you to get lost in the virgin rainforest, get a shot of adrenaline kayaking down the river rapids or admire the colorful world of coral reefs. Here are just some of the places you can start with.

Top 5 natural attractions of the region

  1. Xcaret Eco Theme Park
Located on a picturesque sea shore, this amazing eco-archeological park will stun you with a mix of beautiful views, exciting activities and cultural experience. Go on a snorkeling tour, swim with dolphins, visit the mysterious Jaguar Island, hike through the jungle and don’t forget to drop by at the famous butterfly pavilion.
  1. Rio Secreto
Have you ever seen a river that runs underground? Rio Secreto will dazzle you with its enigmatic beauty! Shimmering water, intricate patterns of stalactites and stalagmites and the spirit of long bygone times lingering in every stone are a wonderful combination for adventure seekers!
  1. Palancar Reef
The underwater world is full of unseen wonders and fascinating creatures. You can catch a glimpse of it while snorkeling and scuba diving at Palancar Reef near the island of Cozumel. If you are not a great fan of diving, there is special glass bottom boat running along the reef to give you an unobstructed sight of the colorful corals and tropical fish.
  1. Cenote Dos Ojos
The ancient Maya believed that cenotes are entrances to the world of gods. And you can easily believe it too if you visit cenote Dos Ojos! This spectacular system of caverns and underground lakes can be explored both on foot and with a snorkel as it is one of Quintana Roo’s most popular diving locations. If you happen to stay in Playa del Carmen, you can take a look at the cenote being on one of the city’s excursions.
  1. Lake Balacar
This long narrow lake is known for its incredible blue water color possible because of a white limestone bottom. The lake is 42 km long offering enough space for everyone willing to relax on its scenic shore and take a bath away from the curious eyes.

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