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A tribute to Spain

There are plenty of beautiful places in Mexico deserving your attention. The wild forests of Cancun, the noble mountains of Oaxaca, the dazzling beaches of Playa del Carmen – everyone will easily find something to their taste here. If you want both to get a glimpse of exotic nature and learn more about ethnic Mexican culture, you should definitely pay a visit to Valladolid. Situated in the southeast of Yucatan, this picturesque city was founded by Spanish conquistadors and named after the erstwhile capital of their home country. From natural attractions to marvelous colonial-era architecture, this place offers amazing possibilities for an event-rich vacation.

The sights of Valladolid

1.      Cathedral of San Servacio o Gervasio

This majestic colonial-style structure with a massive facade and two high towers built at the dawn of the city’s history will strike you with its sheer size and reserved yet exquisite decorations. The church is known for its display of guns used to conquer the city in the Castle War. Plenty of locals come here every day to pay homage to their saints.

2.      Municipal Palace

While walking downtown, don’t forget to stop by at the Municipal Palace. This gorgeous white building with graceful arches and stucco work is the center of local social life. It is one of the most visited spots in Valladolid and a great sample of colonial architecture.

3.      The Temple of San Juan de Dios

If there is a place in Valladolid where the air of spirituality is echoed by the beauty of architectural thought, it is the Church of San Juan de Dios. The temple has been reconstructed since the war era and now strikes the eye with a splendidly adorned façade and fanciful décor such as a large fountain with a Cherubim statue.

4.      Plaza Principal

Get a taste of Mexican culture and immerse yourself in all kinds of local activities at the city’s central plaza and main park. Vendors selling souvenirs, ethnic food booths, love benches drowning in flowers – all that will let you feel the incredible atmosphere of Valladolid. In the evening, there are also live music and dancing.

5.      Cenote Zaci

Those looking to spend some time in the lap of nature shouldn’t go past Cenote Zaci. Situated right in the center of the city, it is a great place for swimming. There are dozens of stalactites to observe and a number of bats nesting in the cavern. The cenote is usually not very crowded and you are likely to be the only person visiting.
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