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wedding in mexico, riviera maya underground river

The best place for a wedding

You would be hard-pressed to find any country more romantic than Mexico! It’s immediately clear why a vast sum of betrothed choose to exchange their vows here.  Curious aged caves, magical underwater rivers and lakes,  stunning scenic views, white-washed sandy beaches bleached by the sun and the lolling waves of the Caribbean Sea, tantalizing tropical rainforests where not even the footfalls of men have ever been heard – how can anyone resist such a temptation when romance is all around you? What are about a downside? Well, if that pristine dress is a rental, you’re out of luck as there won’t be much left in the way of a return!


A still-developing trend for wedding photos known simply as “trash the dress” has been taking the industry by storm – and a storm it is, indeed, at least for the dress. This fad finds the bride-to-be in any number of destinations that are a horror for dress designers, and yet perfect memory making opportunities for photographers to capture, especially since that perfect dress itself will most likely in the end be exactly that – nothing more than a memory. Some popular choices have been:
·         Strolling along the beach or splashing through the ocean waves, soaked dress in tow or fanned out on the surface of the water
·         The internet is rife with a multitude of dress-destroying scenes with everything imaginable from dresses set alight to landfill visits, construction and demolition sites, and the list goes on seemingly without end.
·         Pictures on the waterfront leaving you feeling bored and unfulfilled? Try some underwater photography for your wedding pics! Choose from one of the many underground rivers or cenotes that are found on the Yucatan.
·         If a wet wedding isn’t to your liking, why not a wild one? You’re sure to be a viral hit after uploading pictures of you tearing through the jungle on an epic adventure, shredding that dress in the search for delicious rainforest treats!
So why not get the most out of that once-and-done dress? Have fun and wreak havoc on that wedding dress with water, earth, flame or anything that your heart desires. Leave that gown in shambles and while the dressmakers and designers might be shedding tears, yours will be tears of joy and later, nostalgia!


If you’re planning to have a wedding in Mexico, do it in Aktun-Chen! You’ll be able to check out the Riviera, ruins of the Maya, and even have a chance to explore underground river right on your wedding day! Aktun-Chen will help you make this special day truly unforgettable
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