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The heart of Mexico

If you are interested in the mysterious history of Mexico, you definitely should visit Cempoala. Cempoala or Zempoala is the center of the Veracruz. The city was founded 1500 years before the Spanish entrance. It is situated on the shore of the Actopan River and not far from the coast. In ancient language, the name of the city means “three hearts.” This beautiful name is an allusion to three nations living here – Totonac, Chinanteca, and Zapotecs. These are very inventive and romantic people who perceive life very differently from us. They live in harmony with nature, keep honoring old gods and pledge the traditions of their ancestors. Frequently, these people are associated with their neighbors - the Aztecs who are famous all over the world.

Places of interest

Now, when you are introduced to the hosts of Cempoala, it’s time to see their significant landmarks. If you wish to visit the most important historical places in the city, you should start with the following ones.
·         The Muse De Templo Mayor
The Muse De Templo Mayor is a temple that was discovered in the 1970’s while excavating the Pyramid of Huitzilopochtli. You can get there using public transportation. This temple dazzles the eye with over 7000 of discovered unique objects. These are beautiful ornaments and statues, including the statue of the God of War, the God of Rain, and the Goodness of the Moon, masks, tools, and many other artifacts worth seeing.
·         The Chapultepec Castle
The Chapultepec Castle is a park, castle, and museum complex. It hosts such important sights as the Monument of Young Heroes, zoo, botanical garden, the Modern Art Museum, and the National History Museum the presents the history of Emperor Maximillian and his wife. You can visit this castle with you children. Many tourists include a visit Chapultepec Castle in their Mexico vacations.  
·         The Zocalo
The Zocalo is an open space for spiritual and religious events of the Aztecs. Nowadays, this square is surrounded by The President Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and local government offices. Impressive architecture and the spirit of ancient times that can be sensed here in every stone make it a must-visit spot for every tourist.
Cempoala is a great place for learning the history of the country and having a dream Mexico vacation with your entire family. Here you can enjoy wonderful views, find out more about the enigmatic past of the Mayan civilization and quench your thirst for adventures. People of this region are friendly and elegant, which makes Cempoala a great choice for tourists with diverse interests.
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