Aktun-chen safety and hygiene protocol COVID 19

  • 07 December 2020 14:40:04
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Aktun-chen safety and hygiene protocol

At the aktunchen park we have reinforced all the Hygiene and safety protocols recommended by international, national, state and municipal organizations.
For your safety and confidence.

When entering the park, it will be necessary for customers and collaborators to take the temperature, use of mouth covers, constant hand washing with soap and water or antibacterial gel and maintain a healthy distance, which is why we have implemented in all areas of the park, with our partners and suppliers the following measures and improvements:
  • Remote temperature measurement
  • Use of sanitary mat upon admission.
  • Use of mouth covers.
  • Disinfection with antibacterial gel.
  • Physical barriers in boxes and information modules.
  • Signs of prevention measures and recommendations in all areas.
  • Cleaning stations in the areas
  • (antibacterial gel, napkins and trash can)
  • Healthy distance in waiting areas.
  • Antibacterial gel and healthy distance in passenger vehicles.

All of our collaborators have a certificate of IMSS prevention measures.

We ask our allies and suppliers in the most attentive way to help us protect our precious customers, collaborators and yourself by following these rules and recommendations as well as your clients, implementing them both before, during and after your visit to the Aktunchen park to continue providing experiences and memories with the best quality and safety as usual.

All cleaning and disinfection products are authorized by the IMSS and authorities:

Antibacterial gel 70%
TH4 hospital sanitizer (mat and cleaning tables, bars and work equipment).
Pinol + chlorine floor cleaning

Thank you for your attention and support.


Aktunchen park administration.
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