Planning your tour Aktun Chen park you can’t miss zipline because this is a wonderful opportunity to see the whole park from a bird’s perspective. For children the ticket is much cheaper – 35 USD versus 44 USD for adults.


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Order online now and save 15%. Adult - 44$, Child - 35$.

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We allow children from 4 years old to access ziplining. Minimum height 90 cm (3 ft), minimum weight 15 kg (33 lbs).

Live the thrill of flying through the trees.

Zip Line type Canopy

Equipment and lockers included.

Tour duration 1 hour 15 minutes approximately.


Live the experience of flying through the jungle

Are you a fan of extreme experiences, nature and adventures?

This activity is for you. Experience 10 lines and 2 hanging bridges of 15 and 30 meters long respectively. You will have the opportunity to feel like you're
flying as you slide through the treetops from one point to another on horizontal cables with the best safety measures and equipment.


zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining


This allows you to experience the feeling of flying and enjoy nature from a different perspective. Thanks to this experience, from the platforms high on the
trees, you will observe the flora and fauna of the region.


zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining


Our canopy Aktun Chen is designed so that it was accessible to people of all ages (4 to 70 years) and without the need of any special experience.


zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining


To carry out this activity we have professional equipment by Petzl. This is a prestigious professional mountaineering brand, which guarantees you will live
this experience with the greatest safety and confidence.


zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining


The duration of the circuit takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes (with equipment and instruction) always accompanied and guided by our friendly
and dynamic team of specialized guides.


zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining

zip lining equipment, ziplining, zip lining


The lightness of bird

Perhaps everyone as a child imagined himself a flying bird. Zipline in Aktun Chen Park gives you not only the opportunity to imagine yourself a bird, but
actually fly over the gorge. The cables are stretched at a height of 25 feet over the ground. Now the park provides 10 lines and 2 hanging bridges of 15 and
30 meters long, respectively. Be sure the flight will be a real adventure for you. When flying you can see monkeys in the jungle and toucan or parrot in
the sky. You can see them at arm's length. Real beauty will unfold also beneath you – you will see lush green crowns of trees and cozy paths of the park.  
The tour lasts 1 hour 15 minutes. All the zip lining equipment is provided in the park for free.

History of cable flights

 The park visitors now have a unique opportunity to see the park from a bird's eye view – this is an entertainment. But earlier such cableways were used
exclusively for practical purposes – they were the only way to deliver cargo to hard-to-reach areas. Let's give an inside to the history of this transport:

  1. People began to practice zip lining in mountainous areas because they did not have any other means of cargo delivery. Such cable cars were used by the
    residents of the Himalayas and the Alps.
  2. Much later this
    practice was adopted by climbers who began to cross the gorges in this way. Preparing for such a crossing took a few minutes. At first, such devices were
    fairly simple and unsafe. Then people started to pay more attention to security.
  3.  Surprisingly,
    even scientists use zipline to get to hard-to-reach places. Using it in combination with canopy allows them to see the most exotic animals in their usual habitat.

But over time, ziplining turned from a means of transportation and research into mass entertainment provided by some parks of the world.

How does a zipline work?

Although at first glance zipline may seem a rather complicated thing, but nevertheless its design is quite simple. It is just a set of mounts that allows you to
control the flight balancing your body. You fly only due to the inertia that is transmitted to your body at the moment of departure.

Is ziplining safe? The cable is strong enough and enables smooth glide. Surely our zipline is equipped with brakes. Our ropes are made of high-strength steel. But
there are weight limit and height limit you must comply with. For children the minimum weight is 15 kg and minimum height is 90 cm (3ft). In general zipline is open
for everyone between the ages of 4 and 70 years.

 Now let's try to imagine a flight. First, you stand on a small platform. Then, slightly pushing off, you start the flight gradually gaining speed due to inertia.
The heavier you are, the faster you will gain speed. Your speed will also depend on the length of the rope. You absolutely do not need to fear because the creators of
the zipline have counted everything down to the smallest detail. So you will stop at the right moment. But if you fly too fast, you can always slow down. In addition,
the park provides all the necessary equipment.  Our main partner is Petzl.

Here are the basic rules to follow when flying:

1. Your clothing must be appropriate

2. Use gloves that protect your hands from friction

3. Wear glasses in case of strong wind. They will protect your eyes from debris.

 4. Make sure that your body weight meets the requirements.

5. Brake when approaching the platform

6. Even when you are already on the platform with both feet be careful

7. Listen to your instructor.

We wish you a pleasant flight that will undoubtedly be able to distract you from your daily activities and bring a little adrenaline into your life.

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